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No Kunos in here: I'm out of the early access

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by mkotechno, Oct 14, 2018.

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  1. mkotechno

    mkotechno Simracer

    It was fun to join this forum in the last month and have interesting talks with other simracers, but there is something critical missing, interaccion with Kunos.

    I have seen dozens of legit reports of bugs, issues or proposals, I have even make 6 o 7 post myself... 99% of them had silence from Kunos as answer.

    The only time Kunos was involved in a discussion was about FFB because relevant youtubers were spreading the news of ACC FFB being mediocre and that was hurting the image of the game.

    Right now you are possibly like: "bUt ThEy hAVe rEaL wOrK to Do iNsTeAd bEiNg iN ThE fOrUmS" ... look, I also have a full time job and I can still use 10 minutes per day using this forum, but apparently there is no one in Kunos willing to do the same... really 10 minutes per day of a single Kunos employee, is that asking too much? apparently yes.

    I'm maybe a cynical, but FOR ME looks like the point of this Early Access is not to interact with users during the process, but just silently follow the roadmap, as any other development, but getting some money early.

    This game is superb and I will play the hell out of it when it releases, but at this point I see no reason to keep playing and finding areas of improvement if then all I can do is talk with a wall.

    Long story short, Kunos are magicians as devs but how they are handling this early access and its community is abysmal.

    See you in the 1.0.0 track!
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2018
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  3. Luis Branco

    Luis Branco Alien

    Well, in v0.2 are listed several adjustments, additions and fixes reported, asked or mentioned here in the forums.
    What better reply are you asking?

    - FFB option screen sliders: dynamic damper, road effects
    - controls.json extra FFB values: minDamper, damperGain
    - Reworked driver steering animation
    - Adjusted safety net position in the Lamborghini Huracán GT3
    - Adjusted water spray effects in the night
    - Nurburgring fixes and improvements
    - Added sharpness option to video settings (make sure you remove external workarounds)
    - Added pitch angle adjustment to camera settings
    - Proximity indicator toggle in HUD options
    - Fixed music still on after clicking drive or restarting
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  4. sirgaric

    sirgaric Hardcore Simmer


    Enviado desde mi ONEPLUS A5010 mediante Tapatalk
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  5. pons

    pons Simracer

    Its still a small team. You can see Aris, Luca, Minolin and Panky answering questions here and there when they have time.

    With new versions you can see fixes of reported bugs, so keep reporting ;)
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  6. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    I'm out of words...
  7. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien

    in german we say "du bist auf dem holzweg" o_O
    english: you are on the wrong track.
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  8. manuel_rendo

    manuel_rendo Racer

    Dear KunOs team,,
    First of all I have to say “sorry”,,,sorry to have had doubts about the commitment of this project..I have no doubts whatsoever after the release of 0.2...

    It has been a big leap forward in many issues such as the FFB, very good right now and with room for improvement as there are only a few slides to tweak it,,,,but as it is right now,,,very good..no more numbeness(lg29).and to a very good level,,Ac1;;even R3e... a light question..the dynamic dampening is not fully understood ...or so i believe.

    The graphics and Vr for what I have seen still needs improvement,,but the main point here is the perception of what
    It will become,,,rather of what it is right now on 0.2. Considering though that the graphics are really good,,Vr needs tweaking.(or so they say ) I will see for myself in a few months from now.

    The rating system is great,,it was high time to approach this in a fun but credible way to race fair and fun.

    I have only a question about this...at least in my case it’s locked at CC 38 no matter what I do,,good or bad,,,therefore till
    Reaching 50 will not unlock the other tabs...is this correct?...or. Some of us have issues with the rating/servers...

    I am an average driver doing 2.00 with lambo/Nürburgring..but trimming 1 sec every week aprox.
    In quick races I use level 85 to average 5th to 1st position normally wet/dry.

    Finally,,if multiplayer is a success the game will be the reference for sim racing for the next years,,as it have it all

    FFB,rating,multiplayer,dynamic weather,day,night,rain,graphics,Vr,,cars,laser scanned tracks, And an incredible price,,!,,

    I was a bit skeptical with release 0.1
    I have no doubts now. I was wrong.

    Keep it up KunOs.
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  9. dermonty

    dermonty Hardcore Simmer

    I can only repeat what Aris said: I'm out of words... :eek:
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  10. mannitom77

    mannitom77 Racer

    Very fast and rough glance and I saw about 600-700 messages from devs in last few month. Let alone those fixes what they have made based on community reports. I don't know about you but I have a feelin that Kunos Wall of silence is leaking badly.
  11. Raklödder

    Raklödder Simracer

    They're always quick to respond and surely you can't expect 24/7 support? Also it's the weekend and I'm sure they've better things to do than just hang out at the forums like you and me.
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  12. Tom Shane

    Tom Shane Racer

    There are hundreds of posts daily. How many of them they could answer in 10 mins a day? It would be a single digit number, right? And you say it would make you happy? Good. Because, currently, the team actually posts much more than that. Now, when you know it, you can finally be happy, kiddo.
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  13. ... you're at the wooden road :p
  14. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    I called you "underrated comedian" before when you mocked me and it seems like I wasn't too far off. Making fun of people, opening "funny" threads and then having a drama goodbye after a much improved 2nd release is "entertaining" at best.
  15. liakjim

    liakjim Alien

    Maybe he is not aware about which persons are in kunos team? It's not just Stefano, Aris and Marco. I can imagine any other explanation. If he searches for team's messages, he will find hundreds during ea.

    Στάλθηκε από το m2 note μου χρησιμοποιώντας Tapatalk
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  16. Tberg

    Tberg Alien

    Take care now, bye bye :)
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  17. fabT

    fabT Alien


    Overreacting to your own expectations ?
    Take care.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2018
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  18. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    The AC Dev team tag should give it away, also the piles of stickies and huge writeups and further interaction by most dev members makes me think this guy made a thread and spent all his time there. No response from devs in his thread means they aren't here, even though they have hundreds of posts and many very long ones during EA and just prior to it. :rolleyes:
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  19. rycil

    rycil Simracer

    The OP is totally unfair!

    I don't think that you get what Kunos team members are doing backstage.
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  20. Seven Smiles

    Seven Smiles Gamer

    I think you only need one, but the responsibilities of your position prevent you from using it :eek:
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  21. Maybe Kunos are not as present as ud like them to be because they are very busy coding , optimising and generaly working on a game that is still in early access !!! :mad::mad::mad: Kunos can u add a do not agree button to the forums please some of these folks might get the message then.:)
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