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No official Microsoft seal on Ultimate Edition for Xbox One?

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by Gauth, May 2, 2019.

  1. Gauth

    Gauth Rookie

    Hi everyone,

    I bought the Ultimate Edition for XB1 from the UK, and to my surprise it didn't have the Microsoft seal on the side of the case, and the wrapping was not the usual Y-fold. I know there are lots of games being re-sealed to make it look like they are brand new, but I like to give benefit of the doubt to the seller, who says all his copies in stock are sealed this way and came directly from his supplier.

    The only reason why I believe there may be a very small chance that it's true, is because the game wasn't developed by a multi-million studio (like the other popular titles) and since this edition came out much later and serves basically as an huge update, maybe it didn't went through the same manufacturing/approval steps or something like that.

    It may not make any sense thought, I really know nothing about how games get approved and distributed, so...

    Were your copies of this game sealed like that?

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  3. Speedster911

    Speedster911 Gamer

    Is your game working properly and is all the content installed?
  4. Gauth

    Gauth Rookie

    Yes, it installed just fine. I was only worried that I had been sent a re-sealed used copy. I always prefer having the physical disc, so I paid much more to import it, when I could have bought it digitally for 5 times less (75$ vs 15$).
  5. Speedster911

    Speedster911 Gamer

    Well, I understand where the sentiment is coming from - I too would never sell some of my disc games even though I hardly play them.

    However, there's no difference between disc and digital, just so you know. None.

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