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No rumble effect in Fanatec V3 pedals?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by gmac, May 26, 2019.

  1. gmac

    gmac Gamer

    jst got some fanatec v3 pedals and now using them with the CSWv2 base and F1 rim...……
    everything seems to be configured ok and the rumble effect test works on my gas and brakes(in game controller menu - not using fanaleds also) - but in asseto corsa only seem to be getting a brake/abs rumble through the wheel when I lock my brakes? - not getting any feedback or rumble through either the gas or brake pedal - any idea how to solve this (note my pedals are attached into my wheel base rather than direct to PC which I understand is way to get the pedal rumble)..any help to solve this appreciated

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  3. Serubal

    Serubal Rookie

    Same issue here, a native support would be nice.
  4. Vítor Sousa

    Vítor Sousa Alien

    ACC doesn't output the needed signals for the V3's. Guess it's the same in AC
    You need to use Fanaleds.
  5. OlivierMDVY

    OlivierMDVY Racer

    R3E does
  6. Serubal

    Serubal Rookie

    I heard about this, but I asked for native support. If I buy a product it should support the hardware by it self and not with a bunch of tools, you know. ;)
  7. You should review the details and do your research before buying a product.

    No game supports hardware by itself.
    Software and/or drivers are required.

  8. Serubal

    Serubal Rookie

    Fanaleds is for me not a solution, it's a workaround.
    A solution is, to implement this feature in game itself.
    Anyway, if no one has interest to see this feature in game, I will use Fanaleds or miss out this function.
  9. Well, that is just user-error then.
    Stick to console.

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