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No SA rating for me?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by theivansk, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. theivansk

    theivansk Rookie

    Hello everyone. First of all my apologies if I am doing something wrong here let's say posting in the wrong place for example, is my first ever post.
    The question itself is that I have been playing competizione for a while now, I have 70 ish hours on it. And when I enter my profile to see my rating stats, I notice that SA rating is empty. What I am missing here? I have to do something for unlock this rating?
    At first I though it was question of time but nor I am very upset.
    Maybe is a silly question but sorry. Thank you.

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  3. Jacobs

    Jacobs Racer

    PC rating has to be above 50 to unlock SA. PC rating can be improved only in special events.
  4. theivansk

    theivansk Rookie

    Oh did not know that. Than you so much!
  5. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    I wonder if maybe the SA rating should be unlocked before PC rating. For mp use I think its more important to get people the SA rating, just as TN is also very important.

    Someones pace is not as important in MP as is their track knowledge and ability in traffic at least not for me. @Minolin
  6. aotto1977

    aotto1977 Simracer

    This may be (well, surely it is) a dumb question, but how do I improve my PC rating? Meanwhile I've spent hours in MP races (I don't dig single player or AI races that much tbh) and my PC rating won't change from 0.
  7. Jacobs

    Jacobs Racer

    You literally have it in quote of my post :D
    aotto1977 likes this.
  8. aotto1977

    aotto1977 Simracer

    I should definitely work on my text comprehension on mondays. :D
    Jacobs likes this.
  9. Ben Lee

    Ben Lee Alien

    Will your SA rating be visible to other players on the server?
  10. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Unsure about that, but it really doesn't matter what your SA is if you just use it as a status symbol its a useless number. It needs to be used to find cleaner servers so SA50 server means everyone is over 50, some may think that because they have an SA of 90+ others should show them more respect, when all its really designed to do is let you join servers where everyone in it will be at a minimum driving standard that you want to race against. In this side I hope more is planned in encouraging people to use restricted servers then pure free server choice, this has shown it doesn't work in AC with MR or PC2 with their ratings.

    In game all will be able to see if your AM, Pro AM, PRO etc which is a reasonable idea oh what to expect from them but its up to Kunos if all ratings will be visible to others which personally I would prefer.
    Minolin likes this.

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