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Nordschleife assetto corsa bmw m3 gt2 6.37:849

Discussion in 'Screens & Videos' started by Hermann F, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. Hermann F

    Hermann F Rookie

  2. Hermann F

    Hermann F Rookie

  3. ov1diu

    ov1diu Hardcore Simmer

    Hey, thanks for using my app! :D

    Nice video!

    EDIT: Btw, there's a new version for the app available for download. V4.1 -- if you haven't downloaded it already.
  4. Mr.Crowley

    Mr.Crowley Racer

    Great driving mister. Even with the crappy FOV and all. Sorry, I'm a FOV nerd; if you haven't tried a realistic field of view, click on my sig link ;)
  5. Hermann F

    Hermann F Rookie

    if you like this video, please like and share it on facebook. Its the promotion for you.
  6. Hermann F

    Hermann F Rookie

  7. ov1diu

    ov1diu Hardcore Simmer

    I'm sorry, but I don't have a Facebook account -- nor am I interested in creating one, I guess I'm not the type :)
    But I did like the video on YouTube :)
  8. Hermann F

    Hermann F Rookie

    Hi, please can you maybe expand the app, so you can see whether the light is on the car at ???
    And you could create another app with which you light a Flasg as in the VLN has ???
    We are the http://www.virtual-racing-team.com/ and we would be rejoicing.
    have a nice day.
  9. ov1diu

    ov1diu Hardcore Simmer

    I'm don't think we have access to that type of information right now from the sim engine. Maybe in the future, who knows :)
  10. Blamer

    Blamer Hardcore Simmer

    Hey Hermann, great video and driving too!
    Can I ask you what apps are you using in that video? Exp. the RPM-Gear indicator one, I love it!


    Nevermind: I just figured out it was the OV1 one.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2014

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