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Nvidia GeForce Driver 337.88 WHQL released

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by TTM, May 26, 2014.

  1. TTM

    TTM Alien

    Nvidia just released new driver 337.88.

    Any thoughts? I didn't noticed any difference between older and new WHQL drivers with AC. :( Game runs ok, but i still wait updated SLI profile..

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  3. Shrubbo

    Shrubbo Simracer

    Waiting for an sli profile? There has been one in there for I don't know how long but it is in there. I am running SLI gtx670's with triple monitors.

    EDIT: Sorry, just read your post right. What are you needing in an update? What's going on with your rig?
  4. TTM

    TTM Alien

    I get better framerate with single gfx card than two with single screen setup, so i think there is something wrong with sli profile. All other games runs fine with triple or single screen setup.
    Last edited: May 26, 2014
  5. Shrubbo

    Shrubbo Simracer

    oooh ok yeah I could see how that would be a problem so I just ran some tests with the new driver. I think your problem is with AC and not the drivers.

    For example. Using MSI Afterburner I show anywhere from 50- high 70% GPU utilization. Doesn't use anymore.

    If I then press ALT+TAB when I am on the grid it jumps to 90-99%, both cards and the stutter is significantly reduced.

    Maybe that will help you and yes I run full screen but ALT-TAB always makes a huge difference. If I don't have Vsync on I can sometimes double my FPS. With Vsync on the FPS always stays at 60 but the GPU usage ramps right up to where it should be. Every time.
  6. cerebus23

    cerebus23 Simracer

    Newer drivers probably mostly for watch dogs. I would guess, great game btw.

    Dunno how much effort nvidia will put into sli profiles for AC when it's not retail.
  7. cooknn

    cooknn Alien

    I would be beside myself if I had two 780 Ti's and didn't see a HUGE improvement in AC. Subscribing to this thread. Hope you get it sorted out.
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  8. cerebus23

    cerebus23 Simracer

    Well IMO sli is often far more bother than its worth. Wholly dependent upon driver and game support. And often times a lot of people i see having issues with stuff seem to be running sli while my single gpu happily plays stuff fine.
  9. Shrubbo

    Shrubbo Simracer

    This is true to a point. It is very much the same as a modified car imo. Stock standard works good all the time and is very exceptable but when you trick it up to race it becomes unreliable and cantankerous..... but fast.

    Just like a race car it is worth the time and effort to tune the thing because when it is working is sure does leave that stock standard for dead.

    For the last 4 or five years I halve always run the best bang for buck cards (*70's) in SLI and wouldn't go back. They are worth the trouble and for the most part my little race car here is pretty reliable and a single couldn't hope to keep up with what I ask of the SLI's.
  10. cerebus23

    cerebus23 Simracer

    Well i went from a 440gt, card a not made for gaming card, and a c2d@3.75ghz and was running last gen games at 720p fine on my old lcd tv.

    Upgraded to a 770gtx a 1080p lcd, and an I7-4820 and running watch dogs on mostly ultra settings.

    Depends on the resolution you want to run also and the graphic fidelity you demand wholly. Old school gamer i remember the days you would turn down all the quake 2 gfx options to try and get 100s of fps so i do not mind turning off a few options here and there if need be to get the frames i need. Most effects in games i loathe anyway from motion blur to well dof i am ok with but my dof is what my eye and my brain are choosing to focus on in a game so some games i rather not have dof. Shadows another general thing that a gfx fidelity is not that huge from higher settings to lower.

    AA i hate jaggies so i run as much of that as i can but heck if need be.......but AA is the last thing i want to not run.

    I got a big enough psu though for sli 1000w corsair, gold rated i think, so if anyone wants to donate hit me up ill let you know how it goes for me lol. But yea i would rather run a bit lower res and run things at higher settings which my current setup seems to be doing now for these "next gen" games yawn so tired of marketing pr.
  11. Shrubbo

    Shrubbo Simracer

    If I was only running a 1080 then I would probably be in the same mind, but running triples and wanting it to look great means 1 card just isn't going to do it unless it is insanely priced... thus the bang for buck cards in sli.
  12. PAKFA

    PAKFA Alien

    I have between +0 to +10 fps increase in AC depending on track, place on track and no. of opponents with the new nvidia drivers using the settings in my sig.
    Overall a small, but good improvement compared to the beta drives which I had them un-installed because they were worse than old WHQL ones. I was having lower fps with them.
  13. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Strange as I had a good boost with SLI on my setup over the last few builds and beta drivers. I havent tried this yet but was using the last few recent beta builds that helped quite a bit when cpu limited. SLI works quite well on my setup at 4k res was doing quite well on a single 2560x1440 screen before that.

    What are your ingame settings and what fps are you getting?
  14. Strummer

    Strummer Simracer

    You've played Watch Dogs already, Cerebus? Glad you like it, it unlocks for me at 21:00 PST tonight. As for the new drivers and AC, of course I get the appeal of triples and SLI but I'm relieved to be running AC on one decent-sized monitor with a GPU that delivers very high FPS on that one display.
  15. sherpa25

    sherpa25 Hardcore Simmer

    @Shrubbo, just wish to clarify re Alt-Tab, you do this to go to desktop and Alt-Tab again to go back to AC? And doing it from AC main menu, or inside the window before driving?

    To others, would a GTX 770 be enough for triples (650W psu) at 1080?
  16. Shrubbo

    Shrubbo Simracer

    Good thing you clarified, no I am slightly retarded. It should read ALT+ENTER ... hahah fail me :D

    Also I do it every time the track loads when the camera is panning around the car. Works every time.
  17. Popeye

    Popeye Gamer

    sherpa25 likes this.
  18. sherpa25

    sherpa25 Hardcore Simmer

    LOL. Ok, I believe Alt-Enter toggles between full screen and windowed mode? So what then do you run the game after pressing Alt-Enter, full or windowed?
  19. Shrubbo

    Shrubbo Simracer

    Yes that is what alt+enter is meant to do but I have the game set to run in full screen mode already. It's kind of like the "run full screen" doesn't actually work and only alt+enter gets it there. I never used to worry (notice) about it because I saw 60fps but when I was checking the drivers out today I had the g27 displaying MSI afterburner info on the cards and that's when I noticed how much the processors were getting used.... and the difference, stutters way less. A my present resolution 4320x900 that would be practically none at all.
    sherpa25 likes this.
  20. André57

    André57 Racer

    I have notice a an FPS increase since that driver update M y rig is nothing compare to yours so every slight improovee is welcome. 10 FPS is big out of 30.:eek:
    TTM likes this.
  21. tkrisz2

    tkrisz2 Racer

    Yes, its should be enough, my monitors are old and they are 1680x1050, im runing triples, you can see my settings at my signature, the game is smooth, and looks nice, i think it would be almost the same result in 1080p!
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