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Nvidia raytrace real option for ACC

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by PabloVND, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. PabloVND

    PabloVND Racer

    I know that in a simulation high and stable framerate is primarily needed for a decent experience and also that raytrace these days is mostly still reserved for tech demos and expensive super cards but, as some of you already know lastest nvidia drivers add compatibility for raytrace with 10 series cards. Is that partial compatibility and also low performance expected but on the other side and surprisingly i be able to select medium raytrace in shadow of the tomb rayder and surpinsingly with a residual performance drop. The improvement is very noticeable in shadows adding tridimensional deepness and most surprisinly at residual performance cost for a gtx 1070 ti.

    Maybe some escalable raytrace is going to be inplemented in some elemets on ACC and will be interesting to see results if the performance penalty is as low as it was in my test.
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  3. its.me

    its.me Gamer

    I am interested in this topic as well. But no single comment on ray tracing from Kunos so far.
  4. Loren Thomas

    Loren Thomas Gamer

    Wonder if it would be a possible solution to provide proper mirrors (i.e., angle changing with head movement and showing parts of the player car), and how that would perform compared to the current ones (which really hurt framerate in spite not looking very nice at all)?

    For other stuff, I can't say I really care in the near term - given the choice I'd rather spend the GPU power on other things. But I'm sure in a few years time when the hardware catches up to the graphics engine it will look really great.
  5. DzelRacing

    DzelRacing Racer

    I have already difficulties to run ACC with others compinent in VR without compromise ( and I have a good PC)... :confused:
    But why not..

    I think that the RTX demo on ACC was not made by Kunos but by Nvidia.

    Yes, but really, we do not need that to simulate reflexion on a surface (screen space reflection are limited but works fine).
    It's cool to see this kind of thing but for example, Iracing, or Pcars 2 doesn't have ray tracing. And however, these games have dynamic mirrors. It's probably a waste of performance like use a bazooka to kill a fly.

    Also I know, ray tracing is not just about reflexion in real time, it's about how light bounce around the scene, how much a material reflect light etc.. but for the moment, it's really shy (from nvidia). Ray tracing is more that what we have seen for now. I'm not as excited as PabloVND.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2019
  6. Stekelly1980

    Stekelly1980 Rookie

    They should add it as I'm hoping that if my rig can't do it then my future rig will. Future proof!
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  7. NWG.Slum

    NWG.Slum Racer

    I can not comment, sorry :p
  8. sps_for_race

    sps_for_race Hardcore Simmer

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