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Generic [Off-Topic] Dirt Rally wheel settings? Anyone?

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Snowman38, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. Snowman38

    Snowman38 Hardcore Simmer

    Just wondering if anybody has a good set up for the FFB and wheel settings in Dirt Rally.

    I know it's not AC, but I trust the opinion of most of you guys who love the AC FFB so much, and the physics, that you felt the need to join this forum. Thank you!

    Also, can too strong force feedback ruin your wheel?

    Note: I have a t300rs

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. @P73

    @P73 Simracer

    Know nothing about Dirt, Really - maybe one of these days I'll give it a go.

    What I'll say about the wheel though is only my impression, with nothing empirical to support my view. I like strong FFB and killed a Thrustmaster TX 458 after only 4 months of regular use. I suspect it could have been due to the stress I imposed on it. Since then, I've been using a G920, which rattles and whines like an old Panzer but still lives healthily to this point (more than 1 year and half of heavy artillery).

    My point is that, although I think Thrustmaster wheels feel much better than the G 'Panzer Tank' wheels, they seem to bit more on the fragile side and I suspect heavy FFB could impair them. But again, that's only speculation based on the experience I had.
  4. Snowman38

    Snowman38 Hardcore Simmer

    I respect that point of view. Thank you. I assume the same.
  5. mtbwa1

    mtbwa1 Gamer

    I have a TMX (T150 equivalent), so I can give you what I have, but probably won't get to look at it until at least tomorrow. From What I recall, I went with these recommended settings and then tweaked the weight a bit as notes in the article: http://xboxracingpro.com/dirt-rally-racing-wheel-settings-for-thrustmaster-steering-wheels/

    to be honest, I find most games to be too heavy with FFB. I get that a vintage race car on really big tires with manual steering will be heavy at slow speeds, but most games feel artificially heavy to me. I find the Vibration at 100% and tweaking FFB strength usually works well (Assetto Corsa is of couse a bit different).

    I need to play some more DiRT Rally. I had a terrible time the first few goes at the game and put it up on the shelf. Played through a good bit of SRLE, some PCars and Assetto Corsa, but pulled Dirt Rally down to show my nephew the other day and was surprised how much easier it was this time (it really really begs for an external handbrake though). Funny thing is that I was the same way with Colin McRae 2.0 and then Colin McRae 04 back in the day. Both were terrible the first go around then much better when I went back to them.

    Oh, but there is the issue of Pikes Peak.... Can't run it in DiRT Rally at all without crashing every other turn. Someday I will get there.
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  6. DonZmeuheu

    DonZmeuheu Hardcore Simmer

    When you start driving Dirt Rally is like to lesen wealking. I would consider you just to live with the fact that the ffb would be Not as strong as for example in AC. It is also harder to find the exact ffb settings or also the wheel settings because a Rally car react pretty different when you drive it on a normal Terrain track like in Germany or you drive it on a Dirt Track like in Finnland.
  7. DonZmeuheu

    DonZmeuheu Hardcore Simmer

    When you start driving Dirt Rally is like to learn walking. I would consider you just to live with the fact that the ffb would be Not as strong as for example in AC. It is also harder to find the exact ffb settings or also the wheel settings because a Rally car react pretty different when you drive it on a normal Terrain track like in Germany or you drive it on a Dirt Track like in Finnland.
  8. vegaguy 5555

    vegaguy 5555 Alien

    I love Dirt Rally!!

    It might have something to do with driving highway tractor pulling two trailers through logging roads in the Rockies in North America. I couldn't believe how good those trucks handled.

    Dirt Rally has a good feel I think. My Fanatec v2 set up for AC feels spot on here. Sorry I can't give any tips.

    I guess comparing a video game to a truck isn't the nicest complement. Sorry.

    I did burn out my v1. Although it had a bad reputation.
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  9. SwissWeed

    SwissWeed Gamer

    Hello - love Dirt Rally :D

    try this..
    (i dont know if the T300 is up to 1080 degrees.. i drive with a TX [900 degrees]

    Steering Deadzone 0%
    Saturation 60% (!! only if u set ur wheel to 900 !!)
    Linearity 0
    Throttle Deadzone %
    Saturation 100%
    Brake Deadzone 0%
    Saturation 100%
    Clutch Deadzone 20%
    Saturation 100%
    Soft Lock "off" (sorry for those who miss it in AC)
    Center Steering "on"

    Self aligning torque 45%
    Wheel Friction 55%
    Tyre Friction 55%
    Suspension 55%
    Tyre Slip 65%
    Engine 55%
    Collision 45%
    Soft Lock 45%
    Steering Center Force 50%

    try it and have fun!

    Keep on racing
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  10. SwissWeed

    SwissWeed Gamer

    Maybe.. try it on asphalt (germany) and tune it a bit for others ✌
  11. Manu8019

    Manu8019 Gamer

    hey i got all thrutmaster fbbs ill show , its a copy paste from thrustmaster

    Thrustmaster tips about the FFB, i followed these tips step by step and it works perfectly, very good FFB settings !!!!!!!

    DiRT RALLY on PlayStation 4 & Xbox One TIPS:

    Force Feedback settings Thrustmaster Wheels.


    To optimize the gameplay, we recommend you to:

    Step 1) Access to CALIBRATE DEVICE and calibrate the steering wheel:

    # 1080° for T150, T300 & T500 wheels

    # 900° for TX Wheels

    Step 2) Activate SOFT LOCK option.

    Once the process is completed, the wheel Lock will be automatically adjusted to your cars.

    Remark: To match the same ratio as the cockpit view go to OPTIONS / PREFENCES / COCKPIT DRIVER & WHEEL then select WHEEL ONLY

    About the Force Feedback, go to OPTIONS / CONTROLS / VIBRATION & FEEDBACK

    To optimize the general feeling, you can try these settings:


    # SELF ALIGNING TORQUE = 125 % for T150 - 95 % for T500 % - 125 % for T300 % - 77 % for TX

    • Self Aligning Torque is one of the most important setting

    • You can reduce this setting (not too much to keep related effects) for recent cars with small rotation angle or for dirt tracks

    • You can increase this setting (not too much to avoid wheel clipping) for old cars with big rotation angle or for ice tracks or snow tracks

    # WHEEL FRICTION = 0% for T150 & T500 - 15 % for T300 & TX (keeping low the Wheel Friction setting is important to avoid not natural friction on the wheel)

    # TYRE FRICTION = 100% for T150 – 90% for T500 - 150 % for T300 & TX

    # SUSPENSION = 100% for T150 – 90% for T500 - 150 % for T300 & TX

    # TYRE SLIP = 100% for T150 – 90% for T500 - 150 % for T300 & TX

    # ENGINE = 100% for T150 – 90% for T500 - 150 % for T300 & TX

    # COLLISION = 125% for T150 – 100% for T500 - 150 % for T300 & TX

    # SOFT LOCK = 150 % for all wheels

    # STEERING CENTER FORCE = 100 % for all wheels

    Fell free to share our settings to the racing community
  12. Mauler_77

    Mauler_77 Racer

    I set mine up using Thrustmaster's recommended settings and it's so much better now. Still can't get the in game wheel to match up 1:1 with my T300 though but it's fine from dashboard view.
  13. Hammerpgh

    Hammerpgh Hardcore Simmer

    I can't tell you my settings off the top of my head but will look next time I fire up the game.

    One thing I will say though in relation to this game is that I feared it would be a wheel breaker due to the very fast changes of direction this form of driving game requires and as a result I have driven it sparingly. In terms of FFB I have reduced mine some to try to minimise any excessive stress on the wheel. That said I really loved the game the last couple of times I drove it and find it really exhilarating... especially Pikes Peak that one of the previous posters here mentioned.

    I agree though that a separate handbrake is really needed as using a button on the wheel makes it very difficult to judge properly and definitely slows me down.

    Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  14. Manu8019

    Manu8019 Gamer

    Mauler try , Steering saturation 40% and steering linearity -6 with fbb i posted
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  15. Luke7

    Luke7 Simracer

    Keep at it. Dirt rally is extremely difficult, but it's a ball when when you finally master it, and the sense of satisfaction is impossible to get from any other racing sim, for me anyway.

    The biggest difference between dirt rally and a circuit racing sim is sense of intensity; you are constantly on the ragged edge and you can bin it any second. In fact, when I switch from DR to a circuit racing sim, everything feels as though it's happening in slow motion. It is very draining mentally and even physically, especially when playing with a wheel and a manual gearbox.
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  16. mtbwa1

    mtbwa1 Gamer

    Dirt Rally is great. I just don't have enough time to play all the games I want to. I also managed to pick up Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo really cheap and wiphile it's not quite as polished as DR, it has a lot of content and the asphalt stages are Suberbird and intense. My TMX got pretty warm after running a 6 stage rally though.
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  17. vegaguy 5555

    vegaguy 5555 Alien

    Dirt Rally, Project Cars and Assetto Corsa. I think I'm logging in more hours then when I was driving truck.:p

    I have to say DR worked good right out of the box.
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  18. Kembro

    Kembro Hardcore Simmer

    Love DR and AC equally and have enjoyed both since console release. These two were the reason I upgraded to PS4 and have not looked back. Seb Loeb is tempting though but as others have said, just no time.
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  19. Luke7

    Luke7 Simracer

    Indeed, finding time is the problem. There is so much to do; you can run virtually endless permutations in terms of the order of the stages, the time of day and weather conditions and of course different cars.

    Plus the stages are so rich in terms of the landscape, the topographical detail, the cambers, the surface variations etc. and it takes so much to get it all right from a driving point of view.

    Can't wait for a Dirt 2, or whatever it will be called.
  20. TitzonToast

    TitzonToast Simracer

    I couldn't find those settings yesterday after searching for them for ages online, then, low and behold, you posted them up here! Thanks man.
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  21. The only thing i changed in Dirt rally is the steering Saturation and it works awesome between 35 - 45% the rest is perfect in my case ;)

    Edit: I use T300
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