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Official ACC Championship

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Giuseppe_Mazzei, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Hello Kunos!
    First of all congrats for the superb events announced yesterday. It gives an awesome visibility to the entire SimRacing world!
    I'm sure is not over yet, otherwise you would not have scripted a so in-depth ranking system.
    ACC and Blancpain, as known, is focussed on racing teams and driver swaps. So i truly belive there will be some new feature designed for teams. Could you please introduce how will it work?
    And secondly, SimRacing is always been a low-cost way to practice racing online. I'm sure someone from the USA won't be able to join the first event you announced. So will it be a sort of Online Official World Championship? I bet the word "Competizione" is not casual and this simulator will face the pure and hard challenge with best SimDrivers from the entire world.
    Is there in your plans to build official national/continental/world championships? Could you please give us more informations about that?
    Thanks in advice :)

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