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PS4 Online HUD Graphical Bugs

Discussion in 'Bug reports' started by Scuderia Paul, May 25, 2017.

  1. Scuderia Paul

    Scuderia Paul Hardcore Simmer

    Since v1.14 on PS4 arrived I have experienced a couple of bugs / glitches with the HUD. Both have been seen more than once.


    Assetto Corsa_9.png Assetto Corsa_10.png

    As you can see from the above the timing, position and speedo HUD information have crashed. This does not correct itself and I must cycle through HUD layouts to reset it. The car above is the GT-R Nismo but I also had it in the SCG 003C too at Nurburgring.


    Assetto Corsa_8.png

    This bug with the 919 Hybrid 2016 has happened 3 times. On 2 of these occasions I had been in the pit while spectating another driver in 'Session'. When I returned to the circuit the ERS info on the HUD failed to load. I did not test this with the 2015 car but I will report back if the issue continues.
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  3. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    I have experienced this too. Also wrong car selection when selecting cars to add to the server. I thought it was me accidentally selecting wrong cars but I recorded it to check. I think I have found a solution to avoid it too. I will open a thread later after I've tested it.

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