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Online Servers with mandatory pitstops and dynamic weather?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by RoccoRacing, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. RoccoRacing

    RoccoRacing Rookie

    I also like full lap before race start, max 45min races, 30 min practice. Unfortunately there is no good filter option, why is noone running mandatory pitstops?
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  3. I tend to feel the same way about MP across racing titles over the years.
    ACC server filters are literally useless btw.

    Very rarely do you see a server simulating anything close to the realistic events.
    Lucky to find a server hosting more than 5 laps or 20 minute races which results in no pit stops in the requirements.

    Hell, clients just slam their brakes and sit all over the track after they finish the race instead of going around and entering the pits like they should. All I hear is YELLOW FLAG during the last lap.
    Racing games/sims give people way too much power these days.

    Would be awesome to open MP and see nothing more than servers recreating Blancpain GT and other series ACC is based on, rules and all.
    Afterall, it is the official sim (quote: videogame) of Blancpain GT, etc.
    Just my opinion.
  4. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    That is because race rules are only available in private servers, Dynamic weather and full formation lap is possible in public servers.

    However its "as designed" because the devs for some reason choose to limit what admins can do with public servers. I think its a terrible design choice and we should be allowed to have proper races that are also open. I would run some semi open leagues if we had all options available and also ping limits for servers. There is no option to set a ping limit in an ACC server. We cant setup a proper race but we need to let in people that even have 400+ms pings. :rolleyes:

    Also the server MP lobby is clearly broken by design, here is my lobby with "filters" set to latency and "clean racing". :eek:

    The lobby shows me 4 servers under 100ms and I host 5 public servers under this all with higher SA requirements and none are displayed in the lobby.

    The filters do nothing and the fact latency is not an issue to the devs in the slightest other then CP servers who have ping limits and so aren't available in our region.

    Below all is quoted from Admin handbook v7c to show the sever limitations of a public server.
    Below shows how all event rules are disabled by design for public MP.

    This is all dumbed down so the people that use quickjoin blindly know what to expect lol. Quickjoin is so broken I would like to remove this and the CP buttons along with the Lobby browser from my game. The only thing that works for me is the manual search box. Why dumb down the options for admins just so the quick join doesn't surprise anyone. Guess when they quick join into an Aussie server with 400+ms thats ok. :rolleyes:

    We have no way of keeping these guys out of our public servers but its all designed for them not for those running the servers. Then when they join our server the Latency widget says high server ping and goes red, when its high user ping the server has no control over.
    This one is interesting, assist rules and I will highlight this line from there "For (very) obvious reasons, public MP servers will ignore this json file and allow everything. "
    This I think would be a cool feature to have the option for public hotlap servers, leagues could use these for practice and also to bring in new members. This is a private server option only and private servers arent visible in the lobby unless its manually searched for.
    Fingers crossed v1.4 will give server admins real control over their servers, takes away all these silly restrictions. And I sure as hell hope they don't make more assumptions on public server users and force that stupid first lap ghosting feature on for the good of all. :p
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2020

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