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opinions about veeery long practice and qualy sessions

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Luciano Micale, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. Luciano Micale

    Luciano Micale Simracer

    Hi guys, sometimes you get caught really long practice and qualy sessions online(people jump in and then see it is a very long session then go out, and it goes like this for one hour, people in and out).I have not so much time to stay one full hour in practice and one full hour on qualy(sometimes even more), but obviously this is only for me.
    Wouldn't it be easyer in match making options to have a button to switch for short,medium and long session for online mode?!? I mean: i have not so much time, i go for short races (say 10 minutes pra

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  3. Racert46

    Racert46 Simracer

    This is one of the things I do not like from the quick join button.
    Getting put in a server with 1 hr practice sessions. We do not need to practice we already done that, just give me 20 min qualifying and a good race.
  4. Ricky Reject

    Ricky Reject Hardcore Simmer

    This is my opinion: why would you even want to host an online practise session, unless it's a track day? Qualifying online is needed to setup for the race of course, but I just dont get the deal with practise - if you really want to practise a track or setup, you can do that offline.

    I personally never join a FP-session ever - it's gotta be in qualification session.
  5. f.e.negroni

    f.e.negroni Racer

    Practicing on your own (even with AI) is different from practicing with others on track.
    Plus you get to hopefully know the competition.

    Also the weather simulation is of an entire weekend so it gives you a chance to figure out what kind of weather you are expecting. That’s obviously if the weather parameters are not set like a joke.

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