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Optimal settings for sensible variable weather

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Zenzenzic, Jan 31, 2023.

  1. Zenzenzic

    Zenzenzic Gamer

    I can't seem to find good values for the variability and cloud sliders in single player. I'm aiming for variable weather without ending up with heavy rain and a flooded track.

    Ideally I'd end up with values that broadly predict the weather and allow me to choose a more or less suitable car setup. The simulator below looked promising in this regard, but doesn't seem to apply to single player. Pasting the sine and cosine coefficients into a savegame doesn't result in the weather predicted by the simulator.

    http://www.lennyslounge.net/ACC Weather sim/index.html

    These are my findings so far:

    - Low cloud (35) with low variability (50) doesn't seem to cause the weather to change much.
    - Low cloud (35) with higher variability (75-100) introduces periods with rain levels that need setup adjustments, so you'd have to start every race with a wet setup, just because it might rain heavily at some point.
    - Medium cloud (49) with low variability (25) seems to switch nicely between dry and light rain, but most of the times the entire race is overcast.
    - "Random weather" with low to medium variability is all over the place.

    What are your go-to weather settings in single player?

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  3. Manc

    Manc Rookie

    sorry i cant help but your info is quite helpful tbh !! im very early on, just leant about tyres & testing tracks.. i realised most races change more than my practice does and wanted to experiment with some longer practice with changing conditions so i could create some setups. i will start with your settings

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