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OWR: RSS F1 2020 League - Looking for drivers!

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by Jackal98, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. Jackal98

    Jackal98 Rookie

    Hi there! If you are looking for an F1 2020 Assetto Corsa league with fair racing, realistic race structure and a chance to drive against very good drivers, have a look at the OWRC Championship! Unlike many F1 leagues, we are not restricted by tracks and we can have modded tracks and tracks that are not on the F1 calendar.

    Read below to see all features we have to offer:


    • Full F1 Season using official F1 tracks and other non official tracks to make things interesting!
    • Race Control and Admins to monitor the race giving live penalties as well as deploying safety cars and VSC's when needed.
    • Streamed races with casters to live stream the races.
    • Team and individual sign ups with the ability to create your very own team!
    • Custom liveries can be submitted.
    • Correct DRS usage and setup of DRS zones for tracks F1 does not race on. This will be monitored and tested.
    • Regulations and Rules can be voted for and against and to be changed such as: Race Distance, Qualifying time, Tyre Wear etc.
    • Highlights will be uploaded to a YouTube channel.
    • Regular fun and off season races in different cars (eg, RSS F1 2021, F2, GT3 etc)
    • A welcoming community to talk all about F1 and other things :)

    Rules and Regulations for the Assetto Corsa Server:

    • Tyre wear will be 200% default
    • Race Distance will be around 50% for the official F1 tracks with non official F1 tracks being calculated. The races will usually be about 45 minutes - 1 hour long.
    • Damage will be 50%
    • Fuel will be 100%
    • Slipstream: Default.
    • Qualifying will be around 12 - 15 Minutes depending on the track length.
    • Refuelling is not allowed during the race
    • One mandatory pit stop during the race with a change of compound.
    • Full list of rules can be found in the discord.
    How sessions will be run:

    • 1 Free Practice on Friday
    • 1 Free Practice on Saturday before Qualifying
    • Qualifying on Saturday
    • Race will commence after Qualifying.
    Please see the calendar for more details!


    We also have 1 League management position open. If you would like to help and think you have the skills to take this championship to the next level, join the discord and message Jackal. Thanks!

    If you guys are interested then join https://discord.gg/74MXqbazsC. Thanks guys!

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    Last edited: Apr 1, 2021

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  3. Jackal98

    Jackal98 Rookie

    Hi there!

    OWR is currently looking for another main and reserve safety car driver who will double as a Race steward for our full grid of F1 cars when not racing! The job itself will involve communicating with our Race control as to when to deploy out of the pits, driving 3 - 5 lap stints and then coming back in. Due to the nature driving the safety car, we are looking for a solid driver who can handle being under pressure as having 20 F1 cars and being streamed is quite a daunting thing to some people!

    Our next race is 01/05/2021 at 7PM however we have a practice session starting at 6PM. As stated above, you will be doubling as a Race Control Steward when not driving, making sure drivers are behaving themselves and helping to deliver penalties when needed! Everyone in the league is super friendly so you get the added bonus of making some more sim racing friends :)

    If you are interested message Jackal#2914 OR join this discord: https://discord.gg/74MXqbazsC

    Thanks for your time :)

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