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PB times online servers and offline

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by SchumiF399, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. SchumiF399

    SchumiF399 Racer

    Hi everyone! Been playing ACC now for about a month and half. I've got a question for the community here and hope someone can shed some light.

    I've noticed that there is a disparity in some online servers as opposed to the offline practice mode. Take for instance: The other night while practicing in an offline practice session for a league race I ran the 488 GT3 around Spa 2019. I clocked a 2:18.1 under track conditions set to FAST, 30 degrees ambient and 37 degrees track. On that very night I joined two online servers I was able to match my time on a friend's server with the exact same conditions (He is in Texas and I'm in California). I then joined the league's server which is located in Argentina. Track conditions remained the same with the exception of wind, there was 4km/h wind with a down arrow (south?). The best time I could muster on this server was a 2:18.8. My tires in this server were cooking too. Can that 4km/h wind really cause such disruption of the car, or can it be latency between me and that server? I also cant grasp why my tires overheated on this server when they were fine in the other and offline.

    Thanks in advance.

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  3. dave967

    dave967 Racer

    The 2019 spa track is faster then the 2018 track. the server you were slower on is likely had the 2018 track.
  4. SchumiF399

    SchumiF399 Racer

    Thanks for your reply. The league's server version of Spa was 2019.

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