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Generic PC guys-What do I need for AC @60fps & 1080p

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Traks1, May 4, 2017.

  1. baboon

    baboon Hardcore Simmer

    Set reflections on static and save 200-300€ sounds like the better deal to me :D
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  2. Torcano

    Torcano Alien

    I used to run triple 1080p monitors with a single GTX980 pretty much maxed out with shadows and reflections (which makes 0 difference to visual quality when actually racing) on medium on top of running reshade. A single 1080p monitor would be walk in the park for a GTX 1060 which is a slight bit faster than a 980, if he plans on doing heavy DSR and downsample from 4k or some such then a 1070 would be the go to card. TBH 1080p is really not a hard resolution to run for the current gen entry level cards.
  3. PRO Stream BG

    PRO Stream BG Simracer

    I prefere set all to maximum and in future set my VR and enjoy at maximum, than save 200-300 euro :) (my build suggestion is a sweet spot between max performance needed for AC and Price)
    I says with 300 less you get it 60 fps but you.make.a exceptions.and limitations with vr for exemple
  4. PRO Stream BG

    PRO Stream BG Simracer

    Dont tell me you run a VR with 1060 because is where i cant trust you...my friends update hes GTX 1060 6gb to GTX 1070 8gb to get a VR experiance on AC...with 1060 is not enought!
  5. PRO Stream BG

    PRO Stream BG Simracer

    "What you saving now you gone a spend it tomorrow" this is the picture in the PC world...so build your maximum buget possible PC...and dont save few euros to buy a 6gb cars or 4gb... You need 8gb for vr and many other games.. Also if you want make a game build try to focus in gamimg motherboard for exemple assus with ROG strix (same for the GPU) best gpus for gaming are strix models... Yes they are a bit more euros than normal but the performance are much better...so in final , dont set 1080p 60fps objective...set your maximum MONEY to spend in PC...then you get the fps for your money :)
  6. Torcano

    Torcano Alien

    Man, the guy here wants to run AC at 1080p stock. He cares not for VR. Why would I suggest him VR ready stuff when he said in his first post that he is already on a budget... my point still stands, a single 1060 would do more than fine at 1080p, if he wants to run a higher res or just future proof his build a 1070 should be his choice. I do not want him to inflate his build price for no reason, that's what uninformed people do. He wanted a simple budget build, I gave him a future proof mid range budget build with option to bring the cost down if he really has to by just swapping to a lower end card. And that's that.
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  7. PRO Stream BG

    PRO Stream BG Simracer

    Its true i say too with less power can get 1080p 60fps but whats the point to save 200 euros now and play on Non all at maximum , and in future upgrade card..if he wants to enjoy all on max on 1080p 60fps with less than mine suggestions performance/price he must do exceptions, and if one day want to step up to vr or other game , must upgrade again and spend money..but all this time where he save some euros gone a play not on max posible..so for me is better decision spend this 200-300 euros more now and enjoy without limitations
  8. Traks1

    Traks1 Racer

    Thanks for your comments and contributions all.

    I certainly think I have a less hazy picture of what would be required now but I can't say the information has encouraged me to put my hand in my very deep pockets. Remembering that it would all be essentially just for the one game (AC, zero interest in any others) at a frame rate and resolution little better than I am already getting and it doesn't make much sense really does it?. The increasingly necessary looking basic replacement for my ailing Dell would run me less than half of one specced up for AC so....

    At least I learned something, which was my reason for asking. Thanks again.
  9. bradleyland

    bradleyland Hardcore Simmer

    A few things to keep in mind:
    1. Sony loses money on every PS4 they sell. They do this, because they make up the money on licensing fees paid by software publishers.
    2. Sony has cut the raw cost of the hardware in the PS4 by working together with hardware manufacturers to take their standard architectures, and modify them in ways that makes them less expensive.
    3. Software publishers heavily optimize for consoles. They are able to do this because consoles all follow a standard configuration.
    4. When you run games on a PC, it is up to you to do the optimizations (tweaking graphics settings). You might be able to achieve 1080p @ 60fps, but you'll have to turn down your graphics settings significantly.
    5. Consoles do not run the highest graphics settings, and PC users are used to a relatively higher level of graphics standards. Put another way, games often look better on PC than they do on console, because a robust PC is able to run higher settings.
    6. Resolution and framerate are not everything. Graphics settings like anti-aliasing, anisotropic-filtering have a lot to do with image quality. There are also settings related to shaders and detail that can have a much bigger impact than resolution. For example a game might look better at 720p with high settings than 1080p with low settings. Because pixel count increases exponentially, it is often better to tweak graphics settings than it is to increase resolution.
    All of this has a lot to do with why some people prefer consoles, even though PC offers superior performance. With enough money, you can simply buy a PC that can run all settings on high. If you need to optimize for budget, then you will have to spend time tuning your games.

    In general, I would say that £1,000 is a good starting point for a gaming PC. That is more expensive than a PS4 Pro, but it will likely produce better results.
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  10. AndyB16

    AndyB16 Simracer

    I've got an i7 and gtx 950sc and it runs beautifully. I don't remember exact specs or graphics settings but most everything is turned up.

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  11. Brainspasm

    Brainspasm Gamer

    i7 6700k, gtx 970, 32gb ddr4 here, assetto corsa runs great, full grid @ 1920x1080 solid 60fps. but not all gfx to max details.
    before it was a i7 920 with gtx 760, 12gb ddr3, also solid 60fps but goes down at 10 or more cars on track.
  12. Chazz Ranger

    Chazz Ranger Alien

    Considering how cheap it is to build a PC that can give you more than 60fps, why in the world would anyone, anywhere, ever settle for 60fps? If you're happy with such a poor frame rate, why bother with a PC at all? Not trolling, genuinely wondering.
  13. Because you can pick up a PC that will run a full grid of AI at medium/high settings used on Craigslist for around the same amount of $$ as buying a new console; sometimes even less $$ if you know what you are looking at. Also, most people are still using a 1080p monitor/big screen tv.
  14. bradleyland

    bradleyland Hardcore Simmer

    If you're playing FPS where every frame counts, then sure. In racing games, you really don't need any more than 60 fps, so why would you lower your settings/resolution just to achieve a framerate that gets you no benefit?
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  15. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    Weird, 16-20 cars with AI and 24 cars online worked fine on Kunos tracks for me with my i7 920 @3,2GHz and a 660Ti OC.

    Anyway, upgraded to a Ryzen5 1600 a few weeks ago which handles big grids (30+) fine.
    I got a 1060 6GB, but after a few days started to glitch. I'm back to my 660Ti again, the 1060 is on it's way back and I'll rather keep the money.
    The actual graphics improvements were nice, but not 'pay >200€ for it' nice.
    While actually racing it doesn't even really matter IMO since I'm focused on driving anyway and I'm happy with the 660Ti quality settings and while .
    Instead I got new pedals, better spent money than for a gpu upgrade.

    For 1080p @60fps you can certainly go this way without remorse:
    I only know € prices for Germany.

    AMD Ryzen5 1600* (cooler inluded) 250€
    MoBo ~100€
    16GB RAM ~130€
    Nvidia 1060 6GB from 250€+
    AMD 470/480/570/580, 4GB is fine for AC on 1080p, there can be clearance sales for 470/480 cards, 160-250€ (get a 8GB if the difference to 4GB isn't at least 40€)
    SSD 250GB/500GB 100/160€ depending on amount of programs and games. (Win10 with 2 games, AC with 10-15 mod cars, ~15 tracks mod tracks, quite some skins is around 120GB)
    HDD's according to storage needs, i.e. 3TB ~100€
    Corsair/SeaSonic/BeQuiet 500-600W PSU ~80-100€
    Case and fans 70-120€

    optional: better cpu cooler 30-60€

    *1600X if you don't want to OC yourself, then it's worth to upgradefor +20-30€, but no cooler included

    So with minimum of my setup you are around 1000€ for a decent system.
    Should run pretty much max. Settings, maybe only limit reflection quality and smoke generation 1-2 steps and/or lowered reflection frequency.
    In the end those are small visual differences but have huge performance impact.
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  16. hman

    hman Gamer

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  17. Brainspasm

    Brainspasm Gamer

    i like vsync and my 55" screen only support max 60hz. unlocked framerate looks ugly because of screentearing. i know there are 240hz screens out there but they are to small.
  18. Brainspasm

    Brainspasm Gamer

    yes sry, i was wrong. i forgot that i had tripplescreen(5760x1080) setup on the old i7 920 rig.
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  19. ShredatorFIN

    ShredatorFIN Alien

    About reflections.. you can crank the quality to High or Medium, but honestly Low looks very good when you race. They are very demanding but mostly visible in large closeup screenshots of cars, only thing that looks bad while actual driving is Static reflections. Shadows, AA and AF should be maxed though, the game won't look good without those. PP effects maxed, but Motion Blur can be disabled it's a terrible thing.

    I'm in a bit of "difficult spot" because I'm a massive graphics wh*re and need always best possible graphics. With triple screen I can't reach that in AC with my specs, unless I race small grids against AI. So what I do is switch my settings, based on if I'm doing multiplayer or offline, and offline I race small/medium sized grids. A bit troublesome, one day I'm gonna get a PC that eats AC graphics for breakfast, but that time isn't close. Current PC/GPU too good to replace, while not top notch anymore

    Small advertisement, my smoke mod looks already pretty good on "Very low" setting and gives realistic smoke. Smoke is also demanding (in race starts will hit your FPS like a truck) and honestly my mod looks better on Low than AC default smoke on Ultra or any setting. Bold thing to say, but just the way it is IMO and lots of people have said the same. Check the link in my signature
    Last edited: May 5, 2017
  20. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    The thing with comparing 1080p60 on PC and consoles, I wonder what the equivalent settings would be for the console builds on PC. Surely not maxed out and likely reflections, pp effects etc all down much lower. Console only has 15 cars too or something around there while PC has no real limit other then official tracks limited between 18-32 grid spots which can easily be adjusted with some 3rd party mods.

    Here is a video I recorded today PC maxed at 1080p60 so it can give an idea of what PC can look like in that setting, yt will add compression and obviously the TV cam is an added video over the top but the in car is as is in game.

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