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Performance curiosity (maybe the developers know?)

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Matteo, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Matteo

    Matteo Simracer

    Hi, with my config (9900k, 32gb ram, 1080ti) I can run the game at 2160p pretty much all on epic a part from the shadows on high and mirrors on medium with 60fps smooth during the day even with rain with around 26 to 30 ai cars(drop below 60fps during night and or transition to night/day). I've noticed something weird, sometimes I lunch the game and with the exact same conditions the game became unplayable and the fps drop down between 30 and 55fps. No matter if I change and lower the settings the game won't run smooth. I've to reboot the computer more than once or (sometimes) reset the video driver (restore original settings) in order to bring back the game to the 60fps. It's curious because on 2 different machines (my old pc and this new one) this is the same problem I had on the original assetto corsa. Maybe this is the problem that someone has with their 2080/2080ti not capable to reach constant 60fps at 4k. Any other noticed the same problem?

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  3. mike reynolds

    mike reynolds Hardcore Simmer

    I occasionally have had this (RTX 2070) but it's normally down to my PC running some sort of background activity (optimization/downloading and update etc)
  4. DHMoto

    DHMoto Gamer

    I can echo the OP. In my go-to practice session with wet track I am usually above 100fps with everything except mirrors and HLOD maxed out, and my PC is not nearly as robust as your spec Twice now I have sat down to do my "normal" practice and the frame rates are all over the place settling in at 56-58 for a while then 80 then 36..... Upon restarting ACC and firing up the exact same session, I am back above 100.
  5. Matteo

    Matteo Simracer

    I never had this kind of problem with any game before, only AC and ACC.
  6. DiRTMark

    DiRTMark Gamer

    Hi guys,

    Same issue here.

    Build a new PC last year especially for 4K 60fps
    racing on a 55" LG OLED screen.
    Specs 1080TI ,512GB SSD, 16GB RAM, I5core and using Nsync for stable 60fps.

    Everthing from PC2, Raceroom, AC ,DR1.0 and 2.0 have the setting high to epic.
    But now with ACC it's a nasty ***** to tame right now graphical wise.

    Anyway that said, no complaints at ACC itself, just awesome so far.
    When the graphical issues are sort out we have a masterpiece for the coming years!!!

    Kudos Kunos

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