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Generic Perspective VR, instead of full VR (Kunos please read)

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by clos2727, Mar 1, 2017.

  1. clos2727

    clos2727 Gamer

    Dirt Rally vr on PS4 is amazing, i hope and wish Kunos does bring VR to the PS4. However, I believe their would be a lot of give and take for this to happen on AC. dirt rally has only one car to render, where as AC is completely different. rendering that many cars on the track and still keeping the fidelity will be no small task.

    i just wrote this as a reply on a different post. then felt this was something that could seriously be considered.

    and i coined it "Perspective VR"

    that being said, i believe that theirs a small walk around this. not exactly VR, but something i believe all PSVR headset user would welcome if Full VR could not be supported.

    now i have played AC on PS4 with the VR headset on Cinema mode. because the image is sent to each individual eye, you get sort of a 3d perspective of the track. making judging corners and distance a step above just a screen.

    but still limited to what you would see on a typical screen. so it got me thinking
    what if. in the event that kunos could not do vr.

    make the image 180 degree wrap around the person using the headset.

    sort of like having triples but in your headset. a curved 180 degree image. this would allow us be able to see outside both driver windows by just turning our head.

    where a vr image would be a complete sphere, from within.

    doing it this way, we sort of pick and choose what image is most important. the front and sides. everything else would just be black.
    i think this would be possible if a full vr experience on the psvr could not be achieved. and a good platform to grow upon.
    Since we are still in early generation of VR this could be something publishers could look at. to give a happy medium. till the technology grows.

    most importantly, sim racing as a whole could greatly benefit from this.

    what do you guys think?

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  3. Tberg

    Tberg Alien

    I think Kunos knows, or finds out, what they┬┤re doing and what options they have. Just wait :)
  4. clos2727

    clos2727 Gamer

    I am sure kunos knows what their doing. I am a fabricator, builder. Ect. To state to someone "i know what im doing", without being open to ideas, Or listening to people. Is being closed minded, And frankly not very smart. And i am not knocking them in any way. Most ideas come from communities. Not necessarily the developers. And since not a word or description about the fore mentioned hasnt been thought of. Its only fair that i state an idea. Or anyone for that matter. And if they havent. Then now they can.
    Tomcul, svenvangent and paul_wev like this.
  5. Tberg

    Tberg Alien

    It's not the entirely the same, as Kunos would have a much larger technical knowledge to what is possible within AC hardcode.
    Sure, the customer side of things, like content, online play, apps etc, often good stuff comes from the community.
  6. clos2727

    clos2727 Gamer

    I stated an idea, whether they thought about it or not, Its not of my concern.
    All in all, its not a statement or an idea to kunos, but more as a different way of possibly looking at a situation. And also involving the community. Whether they can or cant. Its not up me, You looking into this more than you should. Its an idea, Nothing more. Unless you work with kunos and know the software. You yourself dont know.
  7. Tberg

    Tberg Alien

    Fine, c u around
    Horus likes this.
  8. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    A wider fov means more to render and if the game already struggle with performance it would become even worse.
    Its a cool idea but i dont think it will be possible.
  9. clos2727

    clos2727 Gamer

    Ok fair point. But it would have to be better than rendering full VR wouldnt you think?

    I think it would be better to render just 30% to 40% of vr than it would be to render 100% of it.
    paul_wev likes this.
  10. Maxx69

    Maxx69 Racer

    Reduce the overall number of cars on track ?
    Dirt rally handles six cars on rally cross and Driveclub handles eight ? I think .
    Yes it's not as nice as a full lobby , but ots something.
    paul_wev, clos2727 and Reinart86 like this.

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