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Photo mode

Discussion in 'Screens & Videos' started by ABoulger.Photo, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. I wanted to avoid making a new thread, but I couldn't find any help.

    My screenshots look terrible. They are .jpg format, even though:

    Here's an example of a screenshot from Steam's capture. Exact same result as F8 capture.

    I also tried SweetFX's capture, a bitmap format, and it was exactly the same.

    I'm running AC in 1920 x 1080.

    What is everyone doing that I'm not? I haven't noticed any pictures similar to mine in the screenshots thread. They're all high quality screenshots.


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  2. Torcano

    Torcano Alien

    Ah, if I'm not mistaken the ingame photo mode app if used to take a picture doesn't show the image with SweetFX applied. So I'd rather not bother with using the photo mode app to take pictures, I generally set the shot up in photo mode and use Print Screen key and save it as a .PNG file in Photoshop. In some cases of extreme laziness I just go for fraps and take screenshot via fraps as a .PNG as well, in my experience both give pretty much the same results. I don't know how the photo mode is in 1.0 RC as I'm currently out of town and won't be home for a few days but you can try my way and see the results for yourself.

    A few sample pictures for the above mentioned techniques. Look at the fencing behind the SLS for example and the AlItalia paint stripes on the F40, you won't find jaggies/aliasing over there. Hope it helps. ^-^

  3. How do you manage to get the FOV to work in your pictures? In photo mode I can change the value to any valu and I don't see any differece in the image. Also the DOF value goes up to the "millions".
    What values of FOV are you using to get an image like the 2nd one?.

  4. Torcano

    Torcano Alien

    @paulo martinho

    If you meant to ask how to set DoF properly, it depends on the distance you are to your vehicle, if you are really close up at a distance of the vehicle taking up the entire frame of the picture try values around 10-20 DoF, for medium range shots 20-35. When you have to focus on stuff always select the car you want to focus on in replay mode, for example I have to select the F40 in the replay and make the DoF such that it focuses on the car behind the F40 and gradually increase it past 35 till the F40 becomes out of focus but not extremely blurry.

    It is quite hard to change the DoF because for one it changes way too slowly and two as you said it can go up to millions, so what you do to avoid that is these steps -
    1. Keep photo mode open during replay
    2. Hold F3 so that the photo mode camera follows the replay cam
    3. Wait for the moment in the replay where the car is actually passing close to the camera so that the DoF value is usually around 30-40 on those shots which makes it easier to change instead of fiddling from a million.
    4. Pause the replay there and you can release F3 totally and now you can move the camera around with the arrow keys on they keyboard to any place you want to the track, dont use right click though as it completely fudges up your FoV and puts the "1e + 808708098..." FoV thingy and messes it up, rotation of the cam is with left mouse click. Unless I have my mouse clicks the wrong way around. one of those is for rotation and the other is pretty much Satan. :p
    5. Now what you have to do is just slow down the replay completely to like 12x so you can manually follow the cars with arrow keys in the replay (do not press F3 at this stage) to the desired location of where you want to take the shot, pause the replay at an interesting location.
    6. Change the FoV to what you would prefer with the mouse wheel, and the DoF using the +/- buttons in the photo mode app so it focuses properly given the distance of the camera to the car. The values I gave above should be a rough baseline. 10-45 is the range you would need for 95% of the shots. Mind you, if you have to drop from 40 on your cam to even 20 it will take half a century of waiting while pressing the - key... I don't know why we can't just type in the value we want instead of changing 0.001 per increment of value. Kunos if you are listening, better photo mode app please (Unless it is already present in the RC which I cannot play now as I'm not in town for a few days then hooray!). :D

    If you follow steps and improvise on the technique as you desire, you can focus on stuff that you need with no problems whatsoever like so.

    Hope this helped. ^-^
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  5. Crystal clear!
    Thank you
  6. fbiehne

    fbiehne Hardcore Simmer

    Small question: the right mouse button was there to focus before 1.0 RC.
    Now the button is unassigned, at least for me.

    Do others have this problem also?
  7. T'PAU

    T'PAU Hardcore Simmer

    Can confirm this. Was a great feature in the past. :(
  8. Twista

    Twista Rookie

    Right click + scroll wheel seems to work for me!
  9. fbiehne

    fbiehne Hardcore Simmer

    When I hit F7 I can move around with the camera using the cursor keys.
    However I find these steps too fast, I cannot adjust the camera properly.
    Is there an opporunity to decrease this speed?
  10. Tino66

    Tino66 Alien

    Hold SHIFT + Arrow keys
    fbiehne likes this.
  11. T'PAU

    T'PAU Hardcore Simmer

    F7? Didn't even know of this. :confused:
    Press F5 and use WASD plus left mouse-button for moving around quite slowly.
  12. Hi is there a complete photo mode guide anywhere , i fail to get reflections in my shots .
  13. Crossfire

    Crossfire Gamer

    I think my "dof factor" is broken. It works like only On/Off button, changing values never effect the dof value.
  14. T'PAU

    T'PAU Hardcore Simmer

    Yap, this didn't work for ages now. :(
  15. Iain L

    Iain L Rookie

    Yes, just hit this issue as well - it's off until you try to use it, from which point it's stuck on full. Makes trying to get any kind of subtle effect impossible; I ended up repositioning the camera and reframing with a wider shot to compensate for the crazy-wide aperture.
  16. OmegaDrebin

    OmegaDrebin Rookie

    Hi guys, just a quick question (hoping this is the right place to ask), I am new to AC and I have watched a few videos on the photomode only I don't have as many camera options to work with as the videos on YouTube have...

    ...for instance...

    Do you guys know if these options can be enabled with in an ".ini" file or were these options removed in newer versions?

    Thanks in advance :)
  17. Iain L

    Iain L Rookie

    That's the old interface, pre-1.0. Those options are still available, just in a different display. You've got into Photo Mode by starting a replay and hitting the relevant icon, yes? Here's one I took earlier, taking a rather cheeky amount of kerb at the Nurburgring:
  18. OmegaDrebin

    OmegaDrebin Rookie

    Thank you for your reply, how would one rectify this? Clean re-install? (Beautiful photo BTW)
  19. Iain L

    Iain L Rookie

    I'm not sure; what do you see in Photo Mode? It looks nothing like that old Developer one, and it's a bit flaky (particularly watch out for changes to effect filters and exposure levels staying in place if you use it during a replay mid-race), but I see the same controls, just laid out differently.
  20. CKraegel

    CKraegel Simracer

    can someone explain to me how to get DOF??? I can't get this to work simply because I don't know how :D

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