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Physics differences AC/ACC

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by chargingcar, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    What were you doing there? :confused:
  2. liakjim

    liakjim Alien

    Are 111hz for the FFB enough Stefano?
  3. Andrew_WOT

    Andrew_WOT Alien

    60hz is a bit of a problem in iRacing, reason SimuCube added that reconstruct filter to smooth out the 'steps".
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  4. luchian

    luchian Simracer

    ..and curently my OSW feels like a "geared" wheel, in LFS (100hz). But maybe there are other factors at play, so will patiently wait for ACC to judge the feel.

    - on Tapatalk
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  5. Speed RacerX

    Speed RacerX Gamer

    Do you agree that the weight transfer is more pronounce in ACC?
  6. Andrew_WOT

    Andrew_WOT Alien

    vegaguy5555, is that you? :)
  7. dentalfloss

    dentalfloss Rookie

    Whatever changes they made to the suspension model have finally allowed to cars to be driven over raised curbs realistically. In AC1, surfing on them would destabilize the car. Now it handles exactly as I have seen in race videos.
  8. Speed RacerX

    Speed RacerX Gamer

    Ahh, no. I'm not sure of that meme.
    But I was watching youtube videos and it was said that the weight of the car is more pronounced then in AC. I was just asking trying to find out if that's the case or not.
  9. D_Rod

    D_Rod Gamer

    I'm finding it easier to drive the Huracan at Nurburgring in ACC than AC. But my times are more or less the same in both.
  10. hristo1026

    hristo1026 Racer

    The biggest difference is when you lift off the throttle in a high-speed corner, in AC the car understeer while in ACC the car oversteer.
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  11. Cannot agree with "biggest difference" but that's still quite a big difference.

    Biggest difference for me are the tyres and their ability to absorb some bumps and kerbs.
  12. Znam Neznam

    Znam Neznam Hardcore Simmer

    Agree with you

    ACC you can now actually hit kerbs without car just flying off or becoming unstable.
    D_Rod likes this.
  13. Yeah, and you can even hit the kerbs to transfer some load into outer tyres the gain some time on cambered corners.. ;)
  14. dentalfloss

    dentalfloss Rookie

    That's a differential thing. In AC1 you could raise or lower the coast to adjust that. ACC has tuning limited to what Blancpain allows, so there's no adjusting it.
  15. D_Rod

    D_Rod Gamer

    Engine braking is pretty fantastic in ACC's Huracan.
  16. hristo1026

    hristo1026 Racer

    No, it's aerodynamics.
  17. dentalfloss

    dentalfloss Rookie

    No, it's differential if the oversteer starts upon lifting the throttle.
  18. It could be anything: more load sensitive tyres, revised differentials or more sensitive aero. Or everything combined.
  19. dentalfloss

    dentalfloss Rookie

    Other things may exacerbate the problem, but the root of it is differential. Any time I've encountered this in AC1 or an ISI-engine game, increasing the differential coast solved it.
  20. Atle Dreier

    Atle Dreier Alien

    The new aero is super sensitive to pitch, so lift off oversteer could well be a combination of engine braking, diff and aero now.

    Sent fra min G8141 via Tapatalk
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