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PS4 physics of some cars !!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by billelstar, Sep 18, 2016.

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  1. billelstar

    billelstar Gamer

    Hello ..
    I must say that the driving and physic in assetto corsa is handsome..but i think that some cars must fixed concerning their physics..for example f40..you cant handle this car even with slow speed..its not the real f40's physic
    There is another cars mclaren s650 gt3..and some others..i dont really had time to test each one but i gave you just an exemple ..

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  3. Chazz Ranger

    Chazz Ranger Alien

    Aaaaaand how many of these cars have you driven in real life to know the physics are "not real"?
    What you're really saying is "these cars don't feel the same as Gran Turismo or Forza, so they can't be accurate!" o_O
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  4. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    How do you know its not the real car physics and what do you mean by its hard to drive it even with slow speed? Watch the speedometer and youll probably notice that you drive much quicker than you think.
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  5. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    I drive AC for over two years now. The F40 isn't an easy car to drive, but it was even worse in the beginning. I think now it's pretty controlable, though it probably never be easy to drive.

    The 650S GT3 needs some setup adjustments, after that it's my favorite GT3 along with the 488 GT3.
    My setup changes (I hope the basic setup is the same on console):

    tyre pressures 24psi
    rear spring rate 150N/mm (-10), ride height rear 18 (+3), ARB rear 1 (-1)
    rear wing 5 (+1)
    brake balance 70% (+1%)
    diff. power 60% (-5%)

    front: bump 1 (+1), fast bump 1 (+1)
    rear: bump 2(-1), rebound 8 (-2), fast rebound 8 (-2)
  6. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

    The F40 is definitely one of the "beasts" in Assetto Corsa and one of my favorites (I have the PC version so take it with a grain of salt). Not sure if in the console version you can adjust camber and toe, but you can add negative camber front and rear and also some toe out at the front and toe in at the rear. I am no setup master but I feel that the car becomes more "gentle" and gives you that bit more time to correct when it gets loose.

    The other thing with the F40 is the turbo lag: keep listening to the turbo, you'll hear the whistle of the turbo when it's active and you will realize it is always way after you pressed the gas pedal. When the turbo kicks in the reaction can be violent so always try to anticipate the situation and feather the gas / countersteer until the car is stable, otherwise the rear of the car will jump out in no time. You can save the car from power oversteer but it needs very quick reflexes. Overall it is a car that needs practice, but once you learn its behavior it is a great pleasure to throw around.
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  7. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    Regarding the turbo lag.
    Better keep the car in the lowest gear possible, because the lag is lower with higher rpms and the car is more predictable.

    In a higher gear you tend to floor the throttle before the turbo kicks in and when it does, you got loads of torque which is (very) hard to control.
  8. Orne

    Orne Alien

    Here is a Road and Track review of the Ferrari F40 from 1991.. These quotes sum up the car quite nicely. I would argue that the Ford GT40 is even more unhinged than the F40. Mind your right foot, mind the turbo lag and reduce the air pressure in the rear tyres a few clicks. Good luck!

    Ferrari F40
    It's the closest you'll ever come to experiencing a nervous breakdown.

    Ferrari F40 is the most powerful American-spec production car we've ever tested. It's the quickest to 60 mph (just 4.2 seconds), the quickest through the quarter-mile (12.1 seconds at 122 mph), and the all-out fastest (197-mph top speed). Don't even think about giving it full throttle in first or second gear unless you're pointing straight ahead. Coming out of one 70-mph second-gear bend, the boost came up a little too fast and the tail stepped sideways in a blink. Big adrenaline rush. Okay, that's close enough.

    Anyway, here's the most fun thing you can do in an F40: Ease along in first gear at fifteen miles per hour, then squeeze the throttle down to the floor and hang on. Before you can count one-one-thousand, the boost kicks in, the rear tires break loose and the back end fishtails, and the F40 hurtles ahead. You know those in-car camera shots of Alain Prost smoking out of the Ferrari pits after a tire change? You just experienced it. We nominate first-gear blasts in an F40 as the drug of choice for the 1990s. It's certainly expensive enough.

    As soon as he got his, Formula 1 driver Nigel Mansell sold it.

  9. billelstar

    billelstar Gamer

    Yeaah maybe the pc's version is not the same with console..
    I know the f40..i saw a lot of documentary on it and i can tell you that the car handle perfectly the road at low and high speed..it's hard to drive but on AC it's impossible to handle the road.you lose control on the first turn..
  10. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    What tyres are you using?

    I use semislicks and with those you need to adjust the tyre pressure.
    Stock setup uses 36psi, I run semislicks setup with 27psi.
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  11. billelstar

    billelstar Gamer

    The tyres pressure affect the traction of car,
    I use semislicks..i ┬┤ll try to decrease the pressure tyres..but it's not about traction but stability..
  12. Matty28

    Matty28 Simracer

    I've used to think this about all sims until I realised "slow speed" was 70mph lol
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  13. billelstar

    billelstar Gamer

    Yeah of course you cant feel the speed but when i tryed the f40 i controlled my self and at 50-70 km/h u can lost control..it's strange
  14. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    Sounds like a driver error of some kind tbh. Can you post a clip of you driving it?
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  15. billelstar

    billelstar Gamer

    I will
  16. Either you have a hardware problem where your inputs are not working correctly, or you seriously needs to work on your driving. 70kph, thats just 45mph! There should be no issue driving at that speed, even on the the vintage tyres! At that speed the F40 will drive no differently from any other car in the game really.
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  17. billelstar

    billelstar Gamer

    It's not my driving the problem..i can handle any car..i am not a beginer..about a hardware,i dont think so if the problem is only with some cars
  18. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    At least it sounds like something is wrong. I honestly cant imagine someone losing controll with F40 at 50-70km/h except if he is really hard on the throttle and the turbo get the car to lose it.
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  19. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    Be patient...
    And watch this:
  20. billelstar

    billelstar Gamer

    That's my wondering !!! And i tryed all kind of driving..no way!! The car is instable and when you lose control u cant even handle it..i cant do a chrono anyway
  21. billelstar

    billelstar Gamer

    Is that on pc or ps4 version
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