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Pit stops guidance

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by rlaycock, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. rlaycock

    rlaycock Rookie

    Can some one please help me?
    No mater what I do I keep getting disqualified for braking some pit stop rule. Either driver has exceed time allowance, or if I stop at as close as I can to 1/3 of the race length I get disqualified for not following the compulsory pit stop rule.

    All I want to do is run a long race offline for say 2 hours with 2 or 3 pit stops, pit whenever the fuel is getting low and enjoy this other wise excellent product.

    I don't know why this is so difficult in achieving this.

    In my latest attempt I:
    • Ran a 1 hour race at spa
    • Pit stopped, and changed driver 1 at say 21 min (got the validated green light)
    • Pit stopped, and changed driver 2 at about 41 min ( got the validated green light)
    • Got to the end of the race and was disqualified for breaking some pit stop rule I know nothing about

    Thanks in advance if you can help
    Best wishes

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  3. drsalva

    drsalva Rookie

    me too.......
  4. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Next time this happens to you, or if you can track down the time you had this race, please post your results .json file from "documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione\Results"
    The results file is saved after every race (timestamped) and should have the whole history of what has happened, and can help us identify the problem too.
    For sure I can tell you that we are actively working on the championship and pitstop strategy UI for 1.0.8 as we speak.
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  5. rlaycock

    rlaycock Rookie

    Thanks for the reply
    I have attached the file
    Is there a chance to simply remove the quick race time limit so players who like me who are not interested in following driver changes, pit stop rules, etc, but would like to run long races and simply stop for fuel and tiers could do so?

    Best wishes

    Attached Files:

  6. deadmeat2k

    deadmeat2k Racer

    Is this a single json file which stores only the latest race or are multiple sessions stored in this way? Just for future reference - good to know if the json should be copied before a new race is started - thanks :)
  7. Willsuhr77

    Willsuhr77 Gamer

    You need change tires too, need a full Pit Stop service to validate it on sprints and short endurances.
  8. Goes To 11

    Goes To 11 Gamer

    I have to say, it was really discouraging running my first career race and doing reasonably well only to be teleported back to the pits and disqualified. Switching drivers should be the default behaviour.

    I have had several issues with the pits including:
    • sitting in the pit stop not realizing that I was not in the exact right position.
    • The overlay not letting me switch drivers
    • The overlay incorrectly telling me that I would have a valid pit stop (when the pit window opened)
    • One career race (I believe at Brands Hatch) I pitted as soon as the pit window opened and switched drivers, only to be disqualified just after the very last corner of the last lap seconds away from passing the finish line because the second driver's stint was too long. Can I not assume that if the pit window is open, that it is safe to pit?
    I think that the overlay could be better designed so that the most changed settings are at the top. Driver switch, damage repair and tire change should be at the top then the other settings.
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  9. mailanmanu

    mailanmanu Rookie

    Same for me. This is exactly the reason i'am currently not playing ACC.
    The pit stops are not well explained. I got DQ'ed several times without
    being exactly told (or explained) what i did wrong. IMHO ACC does
    not explain its well implemented mechanics good enough to
    beginner racers. I joined the beta as a beginner interested in Sim Racing
    but there was never a helping hand guiding me through the complexities.
  10. Willsuhr77

    Willsuhr77 Gamer

    They need put some tips on the carrer mode, a lot of drivers dont know Blancpain Rules and get frusted, but multiplayer are awessome! Leave carrer till the SIM get some improvments and come play multiplayer mode, i belive you will enjoy ;)
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  11. warth0g

    warth0g Hardcore Simmer

    I agree. Much as I'd like a great career mode, it's not really the heart of ACC and it's never going to be. There's no reason not to full enjoy the sim though - both AI and multiplayer races are fantastic, so my advice is to just enjoy what ACC does offer and not worry about what it doesn't.

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