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XB1 Please fix certain car sounds in AC UE

Discussion in 'Bug reports' started by Speedster911, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Speedster911

    Speedster911 Rookie

    I recently purchased the UE on Xbox One-X and quite please with the majority of car sounds.

    However, there's something wrong with the following car sounds when using cockpit and first-person views - there's a very loud and high-pitched trans whine which is overpowering the engine and exhaust sound, even though the cars don't have a loud trans whine IRL or adjustable gear ratios:

    * Laferrari
    * Both Countach versions
    * Huracan Performante
    * Zonda R
    * 599XX Evo
    * Ferrar F1 car - F138
    * Lotus Exos F1 car - both
    * BMW M235i Racing

    There are many more that I can't remember, plus I also haven't tested out every car in the game.

    In addition to the unusually loud and high-pitched trans whine in cockpit, the dynamic range for all cars affected by this strange bug seems to be off - with little bass in the mid-high torque range, and the engine sound coming out as "small, tiny and weak". The trans whine is just overbearing as if only the transmission is spinning and exhaust/engine not producing power.

    Please investigate. This game is fantastic but the sounds need to be consistent as these issues are not on PC or PS4 I believe. @AC Support

    Also FYI, this is not an issue with my console or sound system as every other car in the game sounds fine and other games/movies perform as expected.

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