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Please help! Strange fall of fps

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by nrc689, Jan 20, 2020.

  1. nrc689

    nrc689 Racer

    Hi to all, I recently changed my hardware game configuration. I changed from g29 to Fanatec csl elite v 1.1 (fantastic) and from the Samsung 24" monitor to the Samsung curved 27" with the same resolution (1980x1020). I kept the setting of 45 fps blocked which for me are excellent. Unfortunately, a strange thing happens ... if I enter a track with a car I can drive an hour perfectly at 45 fps. Then change car, return on the track, always optimally at 45 fps. At some point if I go out and change the car I still enter the track at 30 fps (undriveable) and it doesn't move from there. What I noticed with Afterburner is that the temperatures (GPU and CPU) remain the same, the Ram is the same and the only thing that changes is the percentage of GPU usage that goes from 80/85% to 40/50% . It is very strange because for me one thing either works or does not work. Is it possible that the monitor or the steering wheel could create this that never happened before? It seems very strange to me. I hope that some experts help me understand. Thank you :(
    EDIT: I think is not a GPU problem because, as I said, i can drive one hour at 45 fps without fall only one fps. If I exit and come back on the track the problem appear... I don't know what to think!
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2020

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  3. Share some specs here.
    It will be the first question.
  4. PhilS13

    PhilS13 Alien

    A few people have that bug. It happens every single time you load the 4th different driving session without exiting the game
    nrc689 likes this.
  5. Can't say I have experienced this bug but another thread did touch in a similar if not same issue.
    That is why I spend some time searching for an existing thread before creating a new one.
  6. nrc689

    nrc689 Racer

    Win 10 64, Pentium i7 4790 3.60 ghz, 8 gb ram, nvidia gtx 1050ti 4gb, samsung c27f390
    Never know this! I prefer if this is a bug and not my hardware's problem.
  7. nrc689

    nrc689 Racer

    But sorry for the question... if this is a game's bug why never happened before I changed hardware?
  8. What settings are you using video wise?
    Read 1920x1080 (1080p) above.
  9. nrc689

    nrc689 Racer

    1080p... but is what @PhliS13 said. Incredible! I tried just now to go and exit to the track after one lap... at the fourth attempt the fps goes to 30 fps! And so is a games'bug! Thanks to all for hepled me. But kunos is aware of this or do I have to open a post in troubleshooting?
    PhilS13 likes this.
  10. I mean what video settings are you using alongside 1080p.
  11. nrc689

    nrc689 Racer

    If you mean ingame i posted everything in "Help for graphic" post.
  12. o_O
  13. I am not thread hopping for details you should provide in the original post if you want help.

    Good luck.
  14. nrc689

    nrc689 Racer

    Ok thanks!

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