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Generic Please Kunos Custom Lobbies ASAP please, sign if you need this also

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by XR Freestyler, Aug 23, 2016.

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  1. Theres no Option to create private Lobbies in Multiplayer on XboxOne. Totally useless for League Racing. Are there any Plans for private Lobbies?

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  3. TaZ2k

    TaZ2k Gamer

    On PS4 the same. I think we have to wait for the Day One Patch on Friday.
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  4. Nope. Patch wont help: https://twitter.com/AC_assettocorsa/status/768040243878588416
    Quote1: Hello! We currently do not support private lobbies on consoles but we intend to have plenty of servers available on release.
    Quote2: Priority is to release a stable game with great driving. Then build and listen to the community as with PC. Join the forums!
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  5. TaZ2k

    TaZ2k Gamer

  6. rubber1994

    rubber1994 Racer

    That is a shame.
    I really enjoy racing with my friends in an private lobby and it is a dealbraker for me that AC does not support this Option. So i cancelled my preorder. I hope they add this in near Future.
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  7. saeidj

    saeidj Gamer

    Thats really stupid, who wants a public lobby where everyone drives and smashes each other like a destruction derby.

    Private lobby is A PRIORITY
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  8. Jimster71

    Jimster71 Rookie

    I'm sure this will be one of the most requested features.
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  9. geek

    geek Rookie

    Private lobbies is a must for league racing and more organized events with friends online. Hope this is something that will be added in the near future.
    Cdiff likes this.
  10. RSP_Figuur84

    RSP_Figuur84 Gamer

    WoW seriously no private lobbies? Oh my..... So much for that on League racing....
    Cdiff likes this.
  11. BoereJack

    BoereJack Gamer

    Dear Kunos,

    i allready own your game(lucky me). And one of the reason to play this is league racing.... And without an option to have custom/or password protected lobbies it would be impossible to participate/organise league racing.

    And offcourse i am not the only one who would like to see this asap. I also hope it won't keep people from buying, as league racers are usually the one's buying al dlc etc.

    In my opinion you guys are missing out on a lot of potential revenue, although i understand you want the game to be stable when launched. And offcourse we don't like any delay's. But please make this priorty number one.

    Anybody who agree's please sign here.
  12. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    I don't even play console but I do agree.
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  13. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    I agree. Private lobbies are by far the most important feature the game is lacking right now.
    SkechBG, GTAndy36, DaveB87 and 2 others like this.
  14. TaZ2k

    TaZ2k Gamer

    Yes, this is very disappointing. I hope they will bring it quickly.
    SkechBG and BoereJack like this.
  15. Torcano

    Torcano Alien

    I hope they put them in quicky quicky unless they like to have people crap on them at launch saying game doesn't even support simple private lobbies, you can only push a game so far with driving mechanics... I think everyone understands by now that AC brings good driving to the table but if there is nothing in place to utilize that driving model it's not gonna hold people's interest for much longer now is it... as much as I like AC, this seems like quite an oversight IMO. I wouldn't say the console people are as patient and as lenient as the PC crowd; simply because they are used to a better level of polish when it comes to gameplay features and the fact that we get to fix or add shiz with mods and they can't, so I wouldn't push my luck when starting out in that market. :p
  16. BoereJack

    BoereJack Gamer

    guys sign the other thread, let get it steamrolling so it would be priorty for kunos.
  17. campodicasa

    campodicasa Rookie

    Lucky guy nr2. I also own a copy of the game and it's great! But to release a sim racing game without a private lobby, that's unbelievable.

    Many race enthusias are disappointed by the lack of support for Fanatec (alldou it's not your fault). Don't disappoint the others. Please make it priority number one!
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  18. saeidj

    saeidj Gamer

    reason I preordered this was for league racing (which obviously requires custom lobbies) !! without it the game makes no sense. We WANT this asap !
  19. rubber1994

    rubber1994 Racer

    I absolutely agree. I cancelled my preorder, because this feature is a dealbreaker for me.
  20. gt362gamer

    gt362gamer Gamer

    I agree.
    SkechBG, stoner27 and BoereJack like this.
  21. Explosivo

    Explosivo Gamer

    So this is really it? No personal Servers? I thought this might be due to the early stage I am joining the game and we will be able to fully explore the Multiplayer without freezes or low FPS when the game officially releases Friday.

    I tried MP once, could do about 0,25 Laps of Nordschleife Tourist with about 15-25 FPS before it freezed.

    I'm on Xbox though.
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