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Generic Please Kunos Custom Lobbies ASAP please, sign if you need this also

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by XR Freestyler, Aug 23, 2016.

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  1. RSP_Figuur84

    RSP_Figuur84 Gamer

    Yeah it is the most important thing of a sim-game. I think this is unbelievable its not in there..... Why is this descision made to leave it out? Console-players don't need it, no serious races on console? WoW, I hate it to speak out my dissapointmen here, but I really need to do that anyway. I feel sorry for kunos, a small team of nice guys (I assume :)), and they really do have an unbelievable good simracer with assetto. But It's missing something very important now. All our League-plans going out of the door now. We're so sad now
  2. Chicolini

    Chicolini Rookie

    I couldn't agree more. Looking for month towards this game on console and now it's a big disappointment. Almost considering to cancel my pre-order on PS4 until this issue is solved.
  3. GTAndy36

    GTAndy36 Rookie

    Why this decision was made I do not understand Kunos. You've made a brilliant piece of simulation, brought it to hundreds of thousands of new customers and then we find out we won't even be able to set up a lobby together.

    If you aren't ready to bring private lobbies to us, you aren't ready to release on console. It's an absolutely crazy decision and I hope for your sakes that you get it sorted as soon as humanly possible. Otherwise your game is nothing short of a tech demo.

    I was so looking forward to this and now I've got to wait it out. GT Sport is coming in November and trust me, that is going to sell and be played to death by the console community regardless of what it delivers. You had an opportunity to get loyal commited customers in before the competition and from where I'm sitting you've blown it right now.
  4. SRL D-Vibes

    SRL D-Vibes Gamer

    I agree also, without privat lobbys or servers
    is a racing league not Workable. Its a very bad news for our big Racing Community, Hope you will find a Solution asap.
    TaZ2k, stoner27 and BoereJack like this.
  5. Sparco815

    Sparco815 Rookie

    I agree, cancelled my preorder.....
    BoereJack, TaZ2k and stoner27 like this.
  6. stoner27

    stoner27 Rookie

    no private lobbies? It's a joke? No? I'm thinking cancel my pre-order, and continue playing PCars.
    DLC's and season pass are ready in first day and private lobbies are missing? I don't understand it.
    BoereJack, TaZ2k, GTAndy36 and 2 others like this.
  7. Private lobbies are a must Please Kunos please please add this as we will not be able to move our league races from Pcars to AC without this. i hope you guys and girls are reading this and help us out thanks
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  8. denis74

    denis74 Rookie

    Dear Kunos, the lack of private lobbies is incomprehensible. We can't to create a league or championship or play with your friends only. I don't understand the missing of this feature in a sim.
    BoereJack, TaZ2k and GTAndy36 like this.
  9. jayd_10

    jayd_10 Gamer

    i couldn't agree more. It's such a basic thing that many people won't understand the lack of it. It's sad when you realize that, despite all the effort and good work by kunos, this can ruin the sales of such a great game.
    BoereJack and denis74 like this.
  10. AZT B Tender

    AZT B Tender Gamer

    Private lobbies are the ONE SINGLE thing a simracer needs. Me and my friends had our own leagues in Forza 2-5 and Project Cars and intended to buy Assetto Corsa (primarily) to have our own leauges/competions in this game as well.
    Having private lobbies is a no-brainer in my opinion and I'm flabbergasted to hear that AC currently lacks them on console. Would be a dealbreaker for me and my friends! :( :( :(

    Very very disapointed right now.
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  11. Niels Tieman

    Niels Tieman Racer

    I agree. :)
    BoereJack likes this.
  12. ZX636

    ZX636 Hardcore Simmer

    Agree with all of you. Going forward, this should be #1 priority for Kunos.
  13. same here
    BoereJack likes this.
  14. AZT B Tender

    AZT B Tender Gamer

    And please realize Kunos that for every user on this topic that took the effort to register and give their thoughts and views and hope for the best, there might be hundreds of users that just press the 'cancel' button on their pre-order, after nasty surprises like this one. I sincerely believe that you have to give the private lobbies A LOT OF PRIORITY if you want to avoid that this game 'dies' within days..

    Nobody likes to drive in public lobbies surrounded by crashers!
    One crasher ruins the race for all the clean racers, and every public lobby is bound to have a crasher inside :(:(
  15. Brownninja97

    Brownninja97 Alien

    Cant agree enough its vital for the life of leagues and leagues are vital for the life of a sim racing game.
  16. Zee

    Zee Gamer

    It's pretty sad to see a promising franchise kill itself on console with just a single tweet before it's even released, but that's what just happened.

    It can't be exaggerated how much the lack of custom lobbies will harm the launch of this game. It's a total deal-breaker for me and I've already cancelled my pre-order.
  17. GTAndy36

    GTAndy36 Rookie

    I haven't cancelled my pre-order yet... but I'm going to have to make a decision tonight as I've got to collect it from store.

    It's incredibly sad that it's come to this. Private lobbies are where the game is played the most by people who want the best experience on sim racing games. We sign up to countless websites and forums who put on events so we can enjoy the games to the max, without the fear of getting punted off by childish behaviour. Project CARS lobby system is incredibly annoying for running league events or track days and a great number of people were hoping Assetto could retify these issues. To then find out with a few days to go that there won't be any kind of personal lobby system at all is... unthinkable, yet that's what we've got right now.

    I really hope Kunos don't stay quiet on this issue for too long, we need a response and we need a time frame otherwise people WILL give up and keep playing Project CARS, Forza and GT once that hits in November. We know that Assetto has a wonderful physics and force feedback system but if we can't use that for our leagues and races with our mates then it's like I said before, a glorified tech demo, not a game we can experience and enjoy to the full for a good amount of time.
    Chicolini, TaZ2k, BoereJack and 2 others like this.
  18. Seb007

    Seb007 Gamer

    it´s a shame, every ****ing racing game have private online Lobbies

    Kunos what have you done?
    TaZ2k and BoereJack like this.
  19. Torcano

    Torcano Alien

    ^ This exactly. This is one of them decisions where I think to myself what sort of crack were they smoking when decided to release a racing game with no private lobbies when they know full well that public lobbies are complete cancer. Like did nobody say "guys this sounds like a bad plan" in the office all these years and months during development or what? SMH, I really really want these guys to succeed on console given the product is actually good but at this rate the damn game will be a ghost town within weeks if they do not prioritize this feature... For real, they have no goodwill to bank on over at the console market like they do on the PC side, they gotta work for it and this ain't a great start IMHO... how they expected this decision to go down well is beyond me. I'm still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they patch the hell out of this. And this is why you don't pre-order, people... it's really sad to even think that AC has become another example of that trope.
  20. Zee

    Zee Gamer

    And who did they think their early adopters were going to be? The casual players who are already perfectly contented with the console games they have? No, the success of AC on console depended on appealing to the more hardcore players who are desperate for an alternative to Forza and GT (of which there are plenty) and building from there, and this strips away one of the few 100% necessary core features for that crowd. They may as well have announced there would be no 3D car models in the game at launch.
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