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Please ladies and gentlemen, race ACC online

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by menos | M6, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. menos | M6

    menos | M6 Hardcore Simmer

    I have been seeing a steady decline in good quality well filled online servers with a peak attendance within the week after v1 release (as expected).

    Over the last couple of days it was practically impossible to find a good server online and more and more as a result I start to race offline against full fields of the AI.

    Out of curiosity I looked at the Steam Charts and sadly this trend currently is underlined by the numbers :-(
    It is particularly difficult if you live in a time zones where your times of racing are difficult to coincide with the peak times of ACC users (for me that would usually be 03 - 04am).


    I hope bug fixing and sorting out some sorely missing incentives for online racing (you know, … like COMPETITIONS as in COMPETIZIONE) hopefully can boost that current low count of users.

    Usually when I can race online only a total of ~100 users are counted in the ACC multiplayer overview after server details have loaded.
    Those ~100 users are then all spread across unrated 10 slot servers so you can imagine how difficult it is to find good online racing currently.

    The situation right after v1.0 release was quite the opposite really where it was very easy to find regular pickup racing in 15-20 user servers where people raced seriously and the experience was generally really.

    For me this cannot be found any longer just a little more than a week after release :-(

    Please boost incentives - introduce proper rating with users displayed on charts (like with SRS), introduce proper display of your fastest lap time at each track and the respective position online of that laptime (like with RSR live timing and Assetto Corsa or in RaceRoom).
    Cycle through the special events on a WEEKLY basis rather then the slow turnover as it is right now and always have 2 pages of available special events active.
    Provide a preview of upcoming special events so people can get excited about what is coming up next and perhaps even prepare themselves for it (setups, testing, …).
    This had been done already in older versions of GranTurismo very successfully (I enjoyed that aspect of GT5 a lot to be honest).

    I know Kunos is very busy with bug fixing and working towards the 2019 content deadline but please, pretty please do not loose sight of boosting online use and COMPETITION of this great, great product!
    I LOOOOOOOVE to race the Porsche in ACC, everything just feels like such a big improvement from older gen racing sims, please make it worthwhile and exciting for everyone to pick up ACC and COMPETE!
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  3. pales.

    pales. Racer

    People are going to bash me again for this but what do you expect, the game was released prematurely with an overwhelming amount of issues. It is going to take about six months before it is even in a reputable state, and by that time, the playerbase would have diminished quite significantly.
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  4. Radfahrer

    Radfahrer Hardcore Simmer

    While I cannot dispute that ACC had it´s issues when launching, I scratch my head about the "overwhelming part" .
    Expectations differ, I guess .

    And nope, I´m not going anywhere, but back to GT3 cars in ACC online … but first I either gotta teach my permanently shutting down T500RS some manners or get it replaced (which is nigh on impossible right now as I´m a slight touch unemployed) .

    Anyways, see you guys out there revving .
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  5. pales.

    pales. Racer

    Best of luck with your employment.
  6. First of all, in terms of the Steam numbers, I don't actually think they're that bad. I wouldn't have expected them to be any better than what they are. Is it not the same drop off as most newly released indie games? I'm just guessing here though.

    The whole "there's only 100 people racing online" is irrelevant for good racing as well imo. Most of the iRacing Le Mans Series races I take part in have less than 100 people signed up for them and the racing is usually absolutely fine. But that's because iRacing has a quality matchmaking and ranking system.

    Getting on to the title of this topic, sadly, I just don't want to race online on ACC.

    Admittedly, I've not ever done a competition race on ACC yet and therefore I understand that my opinion will be considered as pretty worthless by many. But for me, there's nothing really drawing me to ACC's competition races. There's no official ranking I'm going to gain or lose out of it and yes, I'm sure the racing is good fun, but it just...well, won't mean anything, except boost my competition rating. Frankly, I'm just not bothered about that. I can't get excited by it. I want to see how I place against my rivals in a competitive ranking table. I'd like to go back and look at my previous races, see who I beat, who I lost to, what lap times I need to aim for and see what lap times I was setting the previous season, compared to the current season - to see how I've improved or got worse. Just trying to boost my own SA and Competition rating, just...doesn't seem to interest me. I also can't search a system see how my mates and rivals are getting on.

    I totally understand there are community leagues out there, but due to my job and lifestyle I can't commit to a "Wednesday at 8pm race" every week etc. That's why I like iRacing's every hour or every 2 hour system and indeed the competition server on ACC is good to be fairly similar to this.

    I've done a few lobby races on ACC and some of them have been OK, but they just haven't been to the same standard that I usually experience on iRacing. However, I'm going to stop talking about iRacing now, because I know Kunos didn't make ACC to rival iRacing. I'm just trying to explain that the last 3-4 weeks have made me realise that the main reason I sim race is for good competition online and monitoring my progress. I didn't truely realise how important this was to me. And now, sadly, I don't think ACC is worthy of my precious time outside of work to play it.

    Once that forum post was written a week or two before release day clarifying the position on "matchmaking", I quickly realised that ACC wouldn't be my go-to sim of choice when I have free time. But I did hope that it might become my "I have some free time this weekend, I'll do some career mode or an offline endurance race". Sadly, there's a few things holding this back for me at the moment. In a single player race the issues are poor crew chief options and AI being unable to lap backmarkers. I've kind of lost hope in career mode. It's so basic that I think I'd probably rather do my own custom championship.

    Hopefully these issues with the AI and perhaps Crew Chief support can be fixed at some point and then I'll be back on ACC for the occasional sim racing session that was previously reserved for PC2. I adore the physics, graphics and sounds of ACC, so I really want to drive on it, but it's these minor things holding me back at the moment.

    I have to admit, once the multiplayer announcement was made, I immediately realised that iRacing (whoops mentioned it again :-/ ) was still going to be my regular sim of choice. And again, I realise Kunos weren't wanting to make a sim to compete with iRacing, but I'm just trying to emphasise that as a working 29-year-old, I don't have much free time and therefore I'm going to spend my free time on my favourite sim, rather than persevere with ACC. I want to make the most of my limited free time for fun, not perseverance, which sadly ACC is for me right now. I am hopeful this will change as the patches flow though :)
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  7. eRacer212

    eRacer212 Racer

    The game is a minefield of bugs, errors, and lack of info. I'm not surprised at all. There is still people around the online settings triying to understand how to get SA or track medals. The game does not have a manual and is full of bugs. Considering this is actually doing all right.

    Now, the quality of the racing community, that is a different thing entirely. There are a lot of new peopl in this forum, you see rookies everywhere. But they don't get the info they need to advance in game, so they get tired and eventually leave. Senior members should help and share more knowledge with the rookies.
    A racing community does not grow spontaneously, it requires some TLC.
  8. m_box97

    m_box97 Simracer

    I think you got your self the answer, they are a small company and are focusing 100% on solving the issues that are present. Content imo is not the problem is more due to quality of life that is not that good at the moment (honestly mostly in single player so I'm only playing MP). Anyway I think you might be unlucky with your time zone, I live in Italy and I usually do a few races around 9-11 pm on 40+ SA servers without many problems (last night a managed to find a 30min race at SPA with 60SA).
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2019
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  9. Jacobs

    Jacobs Racer

    My problem with CP races is this: launch ACC, look in multiplayer section and there is CP race in progress. So i need to wait 45 minutes or whatever for another one - not optimal i would say. For this reason i didn't do even single competition race as i don't drive in ACC as much as i want to.
    Usual browser is filled with 10 slots servers and no/low SA restrictions - again, not optimal as most people race on them. There is barely handful of "good" servers because of that and you kinda need to get lucky to get one with decent amount of drivers.

    But i have to say this. I definitely love driving in this game and when i get to race online it's a blast and quite few memorable races and battles. Really hope they can sort this out.

    I don't know. I'm rookie and never got any issues with finding info or whatever even without blasting through entire forum. People are a bit spoiled and want everything in front of them and that's normal. It should definitely be more clear to understand without need to have account here and scroll through every section and walls of text. Pretty sure they are figuring this out as we speak.

    They had to release it eventually and it's tough for small team like that. Sure ACC isn't ready for 1.0 and will be in few months from now.
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  10. eRacer212

    eRacer212 Racer

    I mean no offence, but I would not rush to add adjectives to people. Me for instance, I don't consider myself 'spoiled'. I work an average of 70 hours per week + I'm the chairman of a centenary football club + the editor of a local magazine + studying a part time degree in university of essex. I have no time. So when I buy a game I expect a manual, which is not the case. If a search for info about a game in google and I write in a forum I hope people will help, and that is not always the case here (there are many rookie posts with +50 views but unanswered, in this forum)
  11. Agreed. It would definitely help if the races were promoted as being fixed at certain times. For example:

    Lobby re-starts every 2 hours.

    Practice: Start of every even hour (20 minutes long)
    Quali: 20 minutes past every even hour (10 minutes long)
    Race: 30 minutes past every even hour (1 hour long)

    I'm not saying it needs to be exactly that method or timing, it's just an example.

    With my favourite sim (which shall not be named :p ), it's useful to know when I need to be signed up to for my preferred series because it's consistently the same times every day.

    100% agreed. And this is why I retain hope in this title. The devs need to make the best decisions they can and then, it's just a case of waiting and being patient as they try and deliver these objectives.
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  12. FHarbor

    FHarbor Gamer

    I play mainly multi but there are zero achievements if you do well, or just want to look back stats wise, not even stats from your race.
    Distance driven, races won, podiums, fastest lap times,fav car etc.. Also every server is just 1 track which cycles over and over again, and you need to hop servers all the time, to find a new track. It's quite boring to play the same track for the 3rd time already for example. And there are some weird weather issues on some of the official Kunos servers too.
    In one of the Spa servers iirc it has dynamic weather or whatever is called and cycles beetween rain and dry, but even if its completely dry and the sun is out there are still HUGE water patches on the road, exit of raidilion for example, but the water is not there just you can hear it that your car aquaplans but there is zero water visible. And this weird water thing is on the track at multiple corners.
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  13. menos | M6

    menos | M6 Hardcore Simmer

    There is no dispute that ACC on release and still ongoing for certain users had and continues to have issues, some of them significant, many of them minor.
    I myself too had major issues (UE4 fatal errors, online disconnects, lack of triple screen support), all of the major issues for me have been either resolved or at least adequate temporary workarounds (UE4 image warping to improve triple screen visuals) have been introduced until a proper solution can be employed.

    ACC with patch v1.0.2 has for me a quality where I truly massively enjoy ACC online and offline.
    It is for me now in a state where I can focus on its massive improvements over ALL other current racing sims I also enjoy and regularly use.
    I absolutely love the new tire model and their behavior, I love the feel of the new suspension modelling, I love the massively more complex aero model, I love the graphics, sound and features.
    Sure it is by no means perfect - I had an Alfa Romeo once and with that car learned that NOTHING MADE IN ITALY can possibly be perfect, but EVERYTHING made in Italy usually is very, very pretty and enjoyable ;-)

    I really hope more people will pick up ACC and start to do regular online racing and I truly hope that Kunos launches more serious efforts to emphasize the online racing aspects by introducing features I have outlined in my first post.

    I particularly encourage them to be MUCH MORE ACTIVE with the special events, post results to special events on social media, have a YouTube account curated by Kunos with replay highlight clips of users, push for proper ranking charts, etc ...

    One aspect I absolutely loved about SRS when I actively raced there for a couple of months was the aspect of working on your ranking - you would start out as a new guy and could aim to work yourself up the rankings achieving certain goals.
    Currently this is COMPLETELY lacking in ACC but the potential for this is all there - please use it!
    I also loved the feature in SRS that you easily could check post race lap timing, study racing incidents, check your competitors standing and automatically rivals on the online ranking charts would emerge and you would battle other people over the course of months back and fore - this aspect is truly rewarding!

    We need that in ACC!
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  14. Best promotion, imho, is bug fixing and patch releases. Most of the ACC userbase comes from AC, we know by experience that the Kunos guys work hard and fix bugs, and that they are able to optimize their titles. I think many users are actually waiting and attentively watching whats going on. I don't see a good reason for joining online servers with the game in this state, unless maybe I could use a top-gear hardware to overcome most of the present problems. Having low specs hardware, all I would get could be a poor experience all-around, even without considering the gameplay bugs. I would surely get loss of rating and freezes, maybe crashes.
    For me right now it's the moment to wait, not the moment for going online and race. But I will do it for sure as soon as possible. As for now I will check progresses playing offline and I will join servers as soon as Kunos fixes most of the bugs. As a second step, once ACC is in place, I may even consider to upgrade part of my hardware to have a better online experience. Too soon right now, for me (and I can't wait for it!).
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  15. fthomann

    fthomann Rookie

    + THIS!
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  16. +1

    I can't really explain why, but it's these minor stat collector things that can make playing a game/sim just that little bit more addictive to play.


    And by special events, I believe this means, replicating things like real Blancpain races, like the 6 hours of Paul Ricard in dynamic weather, true to the real race. Or the 3 hours of Silverstone...etc etc

    These style of events work so well in iRacing (24 hours of Le Mans, 12 hours of Sebring, 6 hours of the Glen, 24 hours of the Nurburgring etc etc). Indeed, they even do the Blancpain 24 hours of Spa very well...albeit the cars are out of date, the physics are inferior, the sound is inferior etc (ACC's advantage here!)


    I've never used SRS, but that sounds very appealing to someone like me as well.

    I understand there's a lot of people on this forum who haven't been exposed to iRacing and SRS (and to some extent the official GT Sport championships) and they simply enjoy the experience of driving with ACC's amazing physics and sounds. I totally get it. I emphasise with you and there's some scepticism about Kunos spending time on working on these multiplayer style matchmaking and special events. I totally understand it. I was in the same boat for a long time.

    What I would say is, once you actually experience a great matchmaking and ranking system, I believe a decent proportion of people would change their minds and realise how game-changing this would be for ACC.

    I also appreciate that some people might say "well if you love iRacing, SRS, GT Sport etc etc so much, then why don't you just go away and play them?" My answer, is that, well, I already do play iRacing most days. However, ACC is such a great driving experience, that it feels like a damn shame that we can't have these similar multiplayer experiences on it.

    Sure, Kunos might not have knowledge or resources to implement them, but hey, if you don't ask, you don't get.
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  17. menos | M6

    menos | M6 Hardcore Simmer

    To be very honest - and I do not mean any disrespect - lower end and or mid end hardware users may expect too much with such a complex current gen sim.
    This is not what you (and I was for soem time in teh exact same situation) want to hear but racing sims such as ACC simply demand a minimum of GPU, CPU, RAM and SSD specs in order to run satisfactory.
    If AC was running well on your current machine and ACC does not then it unfortunately is time to upgrade :-(

    This is uncomfortable and I understand that for many users who are in that situation it is economically really hard but it is unfortunately the reality of progress in games.
    ACC is currently one of the new gen racing sims that are built on a much more demanding platform and in order to use it one has to upgrade their hardware I am afraid.

    Sitting back and waiting for improvements and optimizations (which surely will happen over the next year or so) is not a safe bet to be able to use ACC.
  18. menos | M6

    menos | M6 Hardcore Simmer

    The two things that got me hooked the very most when I actively raced SRS (for a couple of months I raced daily) were:
    - I met several people over the years in Sim Racing on forums, in community races, etc with whom I became good friends over the years - whenever I saw their names up in the ranking lists at SRS I HAD TO BEAT THEM (and they of course did the same)
    There also have been a couple of people at SRS in my performance bracket I would see often in the same races and of course you would make a point about beating them in the races and rankings

    - I had set myself goals after a while seeing how SRS works (to achieve a particular ranking in my country and a particular global ranking) and I worked towards those goals.
    SRS ranking also very much like ACC will hopefully turn out to be at some point encourages clean but competitive driving so the higher you rank usually the better the racing becomes as you always end up with very like skilled drivers on the grid - so the more you race, the better the racing becomes.
    As a result from this SRS racing activity my sim racing in the events with friends online and in club races significantly improved - I moved up in the grid in our races from teh back of the midfield to the front of the mid field and often enough could seriously fight for top 5 finishes.

    The whole ranked racing and achievement based encouragement in online racing truly results in making for better racing and improving your driving and competitiveness - THAT IS RACING for me. Regular turning circles in online public servers without a risk and a price attached to your actions gets dull very quickly.

    So please Kunos - PUSH THAT COMETIZIONE aspect of ACC FAST ;-)
  19. What I need is 59FPS without freezes. What I get right now is 59FPS + freezes due to (I guess) overloading. What I would like is the option, for the user, to disable unneeded things (all that isn't necessary to drive/race a car), notably: track mega screens, 3d animated people, 3d grass (?), 3d trees (?) and so on. In AC, which I modded sometimes, every track was made of many .kn5 files. Eg: one for the road, one for the buildings, one for the grass, etc. AC did load the track following the setting inside the file "models.ini" (telling AC which files to load, based on the choosen world detail). IF I could disable what isn't needed for driving/racing, I would have more than 59FPS already. Even if the title is still to polish. I will upgrade my hardware when it will be time, but I won't do it just to load megascreens, people and trees :)
  20. eRacer212

    eRacer212 Racer

    Have you try to switch off full screen? just that little thing save me from most errors and crashes
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  21. Tberg

    Tberg Alien

    I'm one of those watching ACC from the side. I dropped AC after winning 2 team championships and SRS after reaching a personal goal, which happened around December, hoping ACC would be ready. For VR, it wasn't.
    I haven't driven any if the sims since, rig is collecting dust, but I still check in now and then here.
    Wish all the best for Kunos team.

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