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Please Welcome: RaceApp League Management

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by ChrisRacki, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. ChrisRacki

    ChrisRacki Gamer

    Hi everyone,
    This is Chris from RaceApp.eu!

    Some of you may already heard of RaceApp.eu, since we are steadily growing (1806 users by today) and have full Assetto Corsa support for over a year now.

    For those who are new to the topic - what is RaceApp?
    It's a fully fledged league management application closely tailored to and developed with the feedback of communities worldwide.
    We are supporting a variety of simulations and provide a separate area for every community.

    Some of the most interesting features are:
    • Self Booking System with your personal restrictions on Teams, Livery Selection and much more
    • Individual Scoring System with Points for Qualifying, Race and Fastest Lap. We support the original VLN dynamic scoring system, crossing results and penalty points.
    • Full Multiclass Support
    • Interactive Result Reporting and Statistics

    I guess it's best to jump right in and show you some examples:

    Season Scoring Table with Crossing Results:

    Settings for a Multiclass Series:

    Race Results and Statistics:

    Starting Page including full feature list and community registration button:

    The best of it: it's totally free
    (premium features are planned in the future)

    We steadily improve and enhance the features. Just get into contact with me if you have questions!
    Since I am from Austria you're welcome to write in German aswell.

    I'm looking forward to your feedback!
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