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[Poll] If you could ask for one feature for V1.0, what would it be?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Deleted member 18758, Mar 19, 2014.


If you could ask for one feature for V1.0, what would it be?

  1. Dynamic weather (Rain/Dry/Fog...)

  2. Dynamic time (Day/Night...)

  3. Pits Stops

  4. AWD physics

  5. Loose surface physics (Dirt/Snow/Gravel...)

  6. Your favorite car (Please specify)

  7. Your favorite track (Please specify)

  8. Dynamic track rubbering algorithms

  9. Multiplayer Leagues

  10. Other (Please specify)

  1. Features Wishlist.

    If you could pick any features to be included with v1.0, what would it be?

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  3. crazyrandy

    crazyrandy Rookie

    this is a really needless thread
  4. Dream1979

    Dream1979 Racer

    AWD Cars and Physic, Audi R8,
    Rt 12 R
    or something like that.
  5. Jos_theboss

    Jos_theboss Hardcore Simmer

    similar multiplayer as gt5.

    where u as host could on the fly adjust options.

    - what cars are allowed
    - what tyres are allowed
    - what aids are allowed
    - or have a performance points system like gt5 and limit your car to that.
    - etc etc

    the multiplayer should not be limited to just dedicated server hosting.
    easy pick up and play multiplayer is what the game should have.
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  6. AC Support

    AC Support Official Support Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Polls will be disabled starting from now.
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  7. Jebus

    Jebus Alien

    Fairly bug free game. No additional features needed at this point to achieve v1.0. IMO.

    Pretty sure this thread will end up just another 'why no pitstops in 1.0?' moaning thread.
  8. Dream1979

    Dream1979 Racer

  9. pharacon

    pharacon Racer

    hehe in before the lock! But If there was a way to do a stretch goal I would make the first goal pits stops, even if it was a basic pull into a yellow box and the adjustment window comes up, adjust hit ok then bam back to racing racing.
  10. Shaddix

    Shaddix Alien

    Matchmaking or p2p what you know from gt5 isnt working that great like pure dedicated server on PC. On console it might work..
    Just look at CoD or other games. Every game with Matchmaking is more bad as with Dedicated Server.
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  11. pharacon

    pharacon Racer

    Match making is BAD! Just get a dedicated server that rotates tracks along with a server browser.
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  12. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    Basic pit stop functionality.
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  13. Colt Rogers

    Colt Rogers Simracer

    Not to get a big debate going but PIT STOPS? I understand that the reality is that PS exist in real racing, but honestly do you really miss it in the experience AC gives you? I honestly have never even thought for once that I MUST HAVE PIT STOPS for this to be the most enjoyable driving experience. Driving has absolutely nothing to do with PS, in my mind there are far more areas that I would like to see than PS. Weather, gravel, rally stages, hill climbs etc.

    I just think the DEVS get hounded sometimes for the most trivial **** when the overall picture and vision is far more broad than any one single, IMO unimportant, aspect of what is a very large project. I'm not saying that PS wouldn't add a small touch to what is already an unbelievably realistic sim but it would have to qualify near the very bottom of the list.
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  14. Keep making pointless threads like these and this whole forum will go back to bug-reporting only.
  15. Matt Fearon

    Matt Fearon Racer

    Road Atlanta. It will never happen, but a man can wish can't he?
  16. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    I kind of know what we are getting with v1.0 and this has been known for a while. We have been pleasantly surprised with sime added content coming with or soon after when done.

    Asking or wishing for more features that just arent ever going to happen is rather pointless to me.

    If this was more what would you want first after v1 it would be a different story but as it is I just want all we know we are getting to be solid and release ready. Then the devs can go on to the other features they want but arent going to delay v1 to include but most of those things will be likely to come at some point.
  17. earlyapex

    earlyapex Hardcore Simmer

    I voted other for Mid race SAVES!
  18. Isnt that the main objective of this forum, bug hunting? I really thought we were still Early Alpha...
  19. Poll approach, totally wasted on this one, good riddence polls.
    Thread itself, pointless, not pointless, not really the point... as a topic of conversation the features and potential suggestions relating to them is always an interesting topic.
    Reading about what people appreciate/value the most in sims is not only a good reflection of the communitys pulse, but also might give some hints to what is todays sim expected to offer. There is still features in old. 10 years plus sims, that havent seen the daylight since, and sure as hell were popular and even thought to be ground braking when they came out.
    These forums in no means should be taken as gospel (pardon the pun), and if 1 out of 10 posts are even sensible, well thats an achievement of a sort in average forums.
    Theres also alot of people with some truely valuable knowledge and know how that can help, are they devs in need of an inspiration, or up coming modders fiddling with their first model, makes no difference, to figure out how to go about creating these features is where it all starts from.
    If it can't be done, we aren't gonna play it either.

    To the Topic...

    Since I know that there wont be weather in the 1.0 or most likely within the next year after the launch, I figured I'd vote for that and throw in some thoughts about some of the important features for me personally.

    Pit Stops; I have to put this at the top of the list. There isnt much racing without opportunity for a pitstop, (especially the current car content in mind) its such a big part of an actual race that I have to say its a must have. I do alot of drifting, hotlapping, testing, occational race or season with AI or MP if the game has these features well made, so my need for pit stop vs weather, is a really tough call.

    Dynamic Weather
    ; Gotta love this. Not only does it bring in some extra interesting racing and gives each track/car combo just that much more lifespan, it also increases the overal immersion on the track. I'm not a big fan of the sunny as it is, so an option for mere overcast would tickle me pink.

    Dynamic Time; Pretty much goes in the same lines with the weather. Less on the excitement cause of the slippery, unreliable road surfaces, but immersion and the unknown of the night racing is just pure awesomeness (plus I want to use those headlights for more than just signalling "get out of my way"), not to mention it brings in the 12 and 24 hour endurance racing, which is the bomb.

    Dynamic track rubbering algorithms
    ; Cool feature in rF2, I wouldnt mind other sim makers catch on this feature and bring their own versions of it.

    I do have to mention about the loose surfaces this; as many here, I do love rally, but I play RBR for that... till someone tops what it provides, I can get my rally kicks from there. We are gonna have hill climb in AC, so theres tarmac rally for you right there, woot!!!

    Rest mentioned in the poll comes with the mods, or eventually by the Kunos. Nothing that I find AC is in great demand of.

    (Didnt mean to babble all that, holy bible batman... I need sleep :oops: )
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  20. RelapseUK

    RelapseUK Racer

    Headlight Mounted Rockets :D - Before the flaming starts understand that this is merely an attempt at light-hearted humour.

    Seriously though... A proper damage model that effects both handling and performance, as well as deformable track structures that leave their scars around the track for all to see where the driver ran out of skill.

    Also getting buried in the kitty litter should be just that. No rejoining the track with diminished handling until you hit the black stuff.
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  21. Aceking

    Aceking Racer

    Dynamic Weather would be pointless if there was no Pitstop to be able to change to rain tires if needed so Pitstops would have to be my first choice! :rolleyes:
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2014
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