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[Poll] Misano: What is your pace?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Rehooja, Oct 11, 2018.


Which setup do you run the best?

Poll closed Nov 10, 2018.
  1. Default safe

    31 vote(s)
  2. Default aggressive

    59 vote(s)
  3. I use my own setup

    64 vote(s)
  1. M96

    M96 Racer

    Sure, thanks!
    Inviato dal mio ONEPLUS A5010 utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. p.g.49

    p.g.49 Gamer

    I just managed to drive 9 place in the hot stint session,i'm a bit surprised, because I've been a long time ranked 20.
    Many seconds out of time just by adjusting the car, in fact, I do not know what I did differently...suddenly first laptime was 1.39.501.
    All lap times were in between 1.38.994 and 1.39.838.

    Sorry for bad English..
  3. Deatroy

    Deatroy Alien

    It seems your setup works only well as long as it is wet.
    If you do an unbelievable 1:39:5 in the first lap, you should have made an 1:37.x at the end with easy.

    Gesendet von meinem HTC One mit Tapatalk
  4. p.g.49

    p.g.49 Gamer

    Yes,it is just like you say.:)
    My best first lap time was 1.39.421.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2018
  5. I've done a 34.725 but unfortunately it didn't upload, so best recorded is this.... (PC 97)

    flihp likes this.
  6. .... and got to a 34.491 last night (PC98) Just about jumped out of the sim rig in excitement. Then of course was brought back down to earth seeing that's P128, which made me truly humbled.

    Paolo if you're on here - incredibly impressive! I'm sure your brain activity must be different to us mere mortals...
    flihp likes this.
  7. chksix

    chksix Hardcore Simmer

    I just broke 1:37 by a few thousands in the M/S Bentley ;) . Still can't get the flow of the track. Not done many laps yet though.
  8. Tino66

    Tino66 Alien

    Got a 1.36.5 with the Bentley using a gamepad. Not sure I can be faster with a pad.

    Around a second slower in pace.
  9. New PB! 1:33.684 Returning to position 15 in the leaderboard!

    Thug and flihp like this.
  10. Nesja

    Nesja Racer

    Also managed to improve. Didn't record my best lap though, but I got another one that's also an improvement of my previous one.
    I used a setup from Romain Monti, who is an irl driver in Blancpain. It can do low 33's I'm sure. It's probably half a second faster than default the aggressive setup.

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  11. Man! I have the same time as you! Hahaha! Matched up to thousands of seconds, No recorded my lap, but check the leaderboard! Awesome!
    Nesja likes this.
  12. fabT

    fabT Alien

    Today i got back to left foot braking after some ... years :rolleyes:
    Still need practice, but laptime down to 1:34:3 already.

    Still out of top #100 (#105 one minute ago ).

    Guys slow down please :D
  13. mms

    mms Alien

    Nice lap, I tried the setup, though I had to spend some time setting manually it up in VR. Did help shave a couple of tenths, down to 1:35.1xx, have no clue how you guys are 1.5+ seconds faster :eek:
  14. Would anyone be kind enough to show where this setup is from Romain? Would like to try it out ...
    Arlo likes this.
  15. mms

    mms Alien

    Open the video Nesja posted on youtube, there's a link in the description.
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  16. tazza1986

    tazza1986 Gamer

    I reached 1.36.2xx in hotlap after about 250-300 laps in more days. yesterday I managed to lower 0.1 but I can not seem to get off anymore. watching videos on youtube, I see that many drivers are braking very late, even 100 meters after me, but if I try, even just a little later, I go long and go out of the track. has become a little frustrating lately ... what can I do? I dedicate fishing?:rolleyes:
    somebody13 likes this.
  17. Nesja

    Nesja Racer

    Tbh, I also have no idea how I manage to be this close to the top players and I actually fully expect someone to suddenly drive a mid 1:32 time.

    You have ABS on?
    You should make a video, one where we can see throttle and braking. That way it will become obvious where you're losing time or making small errors.
  18. tazza1986

    tazza1986 Gamer

    Thanks Nesja. I did it with aggressive setup leaving tc and abs as it is. my impression, apart from the braking too early, is that the tc is a bit too invasive, making me get out of the corners too slowly, but trying to lower it by one step, I have trouble controlling the car. anyway I try to upload a video tonight.
  19. somebody13

    somebody13 Rookie

    Me too, now in dry conditions i reach 1.36.9xx, but i noticed i need to brake earlier than many other people. I don't know when i could upload a video, but in the meantime i surely follow your posts ;)
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