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[Poll] Misano: What is your pace?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Rehooja, Oct 11, 2018.


Which setup do you run the best?

Poll closed Nov 10, 2018.
  1. Default safe

    31 vote(s)
  2. Default aggressive

    59 vote(s)
  3. I use my own setup

    64 vote(s)
  1. Tim Wilson

    Tim Wilson Simracer

    I'm also at 96%, #400, with a 1:34:95. I've ran enough laps with a variety of setups to think that any big improvement for me would require a truly Golden lap. Meantime I've learned every inch of this track and every alternate line, so I too am pretty satisfied with my pace and consistency.(don't know how one lap is now called "Pace"- millennials!?) And given that there are, I believe, about 10k people who have(at least) tried a lap, I think I'll be running near the front in most races online. In AC you had a good chance to win starting from the top 5 or so- you had to just wait for the Alien vs. Predator battle ahead to open up the track for you and just drive it home to a Podium finish. It's also telling to me that there's a .5 second gap in the top 10 lap times- leeding me to think that not many, if anyone, will be running consistent sub :34's in the heat of battle.

    It seems a little off that anyone is able to go 3.5+ seconds faster than the best Bentley lap from the 2018 Blancpain Misano race. You and I are 1.5 up on that lap! That means there are about 500 aliens playing ACC?! I think there is a major nerf coming to the physics/speed of this car or the whole game. It would be good to know if it's corner speed, strait line speed, or both that's off. Assetto Corsa was much closer than this- and with a lot of the car/track combos in AC, (and after many tire version and physics updates) it was perfect, so I know it's possible to get relative speed of the physics right or very close. This needs to be controlled imo to legitimize the the simulation value of the game. I don't like thinking I'm so much faster than IRL. It throws me off having that in my mind and ruins the vicarious feeling I am seeking in this hoby. I don't mind racing Aliens- As I said- AvP is always in the cards, But I want the sim to be as close to real in this aspect as possible. I would expect about .01% of sim drivers to beat the top irl Bentley time by a half second or so- Not by 3.5, and certainly not P400(me) by 1.5!
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  2. BEsnake

    BEsnake Racer

    Ignore hotlap it says nothing. Look at hot stint times

    Perfect conditions unlimited try's you dont have that in real life

    + is the bentley even ran by a pro team? Dont think it was
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2018
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  3. OrganDonor

    OrganDonor Racer

    Totally agree regarding the times. They need to be tweaked by the time the game releases to avoid spoiling the sense of realism. Just did 30 minute race and my laptimes were hovering between 1:35 and 1:36, which is pretty close to real times I'm guessing but still a bit too fast imo especially seeing how there are a few hundred people that are quicker than me.

    On a side note - did a few more hotlaps today at Misano and managed to improve my time to 1:34.806 by using a setup from Romain Monti, which now moves me up to #321. Not a huge improvement but pleasing nonetheless. Still making loads of mistakes and missing apexes when I watch my video. I guess that means there's room for improvement but I just can't seem to be able to string a whole lap together. I can sometimes be up by ~0.3s after the first two turns only to then lose that time in the first "hairpin". There seem to be a few turns that constantly catch me out and I'm beginning to wonder if it's because I'm using a gamepad and simply don't have the fine control that is required to drive cleanly. I find the car sliding around quite a bit just because the steering with a gamepad is either on or off, which makes it harder to control the car in turns which means my exit speeds are not ideal which means I'm losing time on the straights after that.

    Would love to have space for a steering wheel to see how good I can actually be. I remember I used to be about a second quicker a few years ago when I had one comparing to the gamepad. Being less than a second off the top times in the world wouldn't be too shabby :p
  4. flihp

    flihp Racer

    got into the top 50 for the Hotstint, also glad i was able to push a couple of 138's, did 3 runs, went from a earlier pb 20:20, to 20:13 and then 20:02 followed by 20:01/

    1.jpg 2.jpg

  5. Carnologe

    Carnologe Gamer

    My PB at the moment is 1.33.838 and theres a bit left for a better time. It‘s a quite funny track i must say. I use a custom setup but i‘m stil tweaking.
  6. R1-Limited

    R1-Limited Racer

    I run 1.0.2
  7. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    In order to understand the “simulation value”, you also need to know the actual real condition and situation of the cat&track combo you’re trying to simulate.
    Of course I know it can be very complicated but we have done that extensively for you and I’m happy to share our findings.

    First of all the team. The old Bentley is certainly a car that isn’t so well suited for the Misano circuit but most importantly being the old car, driven by gentlemen drivers that are unfortunately 2-3 secs slower than pro drivers and don’t have a works team behind, certainly didn’t help their lap times in the actual real qual.

    Secondly the track conditions. The day before the was a heavy rainfall that completely washed the track. You can see this on the videos we posted as we were on the track to showcase ACC. So he qual was in almost green conditions or at least certainly not well rubbered or optimal like in the sim special hotlap mode.
    Also incredibly enough the qual was very very hot with over 33C ambient and over 45c track if I remember.
    The actual pole was 33s mid and last year pole was in the mid 32s! I’m sure with the lambo the aliens will be able to do 32s or 31s which is acceptable for me.

    Furthermore the actual qual is made with fuel load for both qual sessions so the cars are pretty heavy. Certainly not at 10l and perfect grip and tyre temps with no wear at all.

    The fact that your race pace is more close to the actual real race pace, says a lot about the actual level of simulation on a laser scanned track for a back marker car.
    Of course we are still in EA and for sure we will do our best to improve where we can further improve.

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  8. mike reynolds

    mike reynolds Hardcore Simmer

    Just got into the 133's, very happy with that as I'm normally further off the pace...but then again I rarely hot lap liked I've hot lapped the last 2 months!

    Have to say I'm loving the EA version so far, by just using the same car and track combo's i've leant more about set up in the last 2 months than in the previous 2 years since I bought my sim rig! That said my biggest gain was swapping out the fanatic formula rim for the BMW GT2 rim, I found the Bentley much nice to drive with the larger BMW rim and it gained me nearly .3 of a second straight away when I had reached a bit of a wall!

    Looking forward to V0.3 and a new track and car immensely now...keep it up Kunos.
  9. Tim Wilson

    Tim Wilson Simracer

    Thanks for that clarification. The fuel load rule is something I did not know and surely accounts for a big chunk of the time difference between 2018 lap times and ours. I had kind of been thinking about those other variables- and as well how difficult it must be to get the relative speed simulated perfectly in the software. I guess even with lots of data and historic records it still must be a tricky proposition- involving interpretation as much as anything. For Sim accuracy, maybe it's more important anyway to have the relative speed potential of the individual cars and teams(in relation to each other) simulated accurately- than to try and match the sim pace to random and arbitrary real world track pace.
  10. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    The most objective thing you have is actual data of the cars. Then you study carefully all the race results, possibly from multiple years and the history of the teams. If there are big discrepancies you need to study even more specific situations and see if they are justified or not.
    Taking one car, on one track especially on hotlap gameplay, which by the way is a very very specific gameplay with quite unnatural conditions, will give you some idea but can give you also a wrong idea. Statistics are important :)
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