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Poll on favourite cars.

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by SimGuy_1, May 10, 2019.


Which car is your favourite in ACC?

Poll closed May 17, 2019.
  1. Bentley Continental

  2. Ferrari 488

  3. Lamborghini Huracán

  4. Jaguar G3

  5. BMW M6

  6. Nissan GTR 2018

  7. Nissan GTR 2015

  1. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Racer

    I use 65 FOV so it looks good to me.
    I like that half round steering wheel.
  2. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Racer

    You can rent M6 GT3 ?? or you talking about street M6 ?
  3. NO matter how much effort i put in my loved Lambo, as soon as i jump in the M6 i'm on average between 0.8 to 1.2 seconds faster....

    Another car i like is the Bentley, but no matter how goodi feel it... it's sooooo slow!
  4. bgil66

    bgil66 Alien

    It was the M6 but now the Ferrari:)
  5. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Racer

    Maybe M6 is broken otherwise it should have dominated gt3 races IRL.
    But most fast laps on technical circuits are still by ferrari and lamborghini so that gives me hope to invest more time in these cars otherwise it's worthless.
  6. I voted but not by it's speed, since i didn't try other cars, except listening to them. Jag have best engine sound :D

    LATE4APEX Alien

    Prefer the M6, it seems to suit my driving style, such as it is.
  8. Achokaracho

    Achokaracho Racer

    BMW cause I'm aBMW fan boy
  9. Diablo_rf

    Diablo_rf Hardcore Simmer

    I think this poll is a bit too early, but atm I like the 488 for it's handling. But it really lacks in power =(
    Hopefully they will balance the cars better for 1.0 and beyond.
    Also a car I'm looking forward is the aston :)

    And yeah, I'm planing on doing a list of laptimes for all the cars, same as I did in AC, with the default safe setup.
    But this time I will hopefully compare the cars on 2 different track layout, high speed, and low speed.
    Arlo likes this.
  10. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Racer

    I agree on ferrari feels underpowered especially for turbo car it seems to generate lot of grip like when you put track tyre on 100 hp car it won't do any wheel spin.
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