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Porsche 911 carrera s on sport auto video - can anybody beat that guy?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Błażej, Oct 28, 2016.

  1. Błażej

    Błażej Racer

    According to rsr live timing It seems that the answer is no. At least for now. Surprising. Yeah, the guy is handy behind the wheel but so are the aliens :) And this guy doesnt have unlimited amount of laps to set the record and his mistake may cost him a lot. Still he is 6s faster then anybody in assetto. There is also a similar video with 718 cayman s. Different gearbox but more less the same story.
    It looks like in ac carrera s about as fast as m4 or maybe only marginally faster. As we know the gap irl is huge. Even 991.1 carrera in non-s guise was faster then m4...
    I remember aliens setting times noticeably faster then guys irl. Which is to be expected. Remember that video of zonda r doing 6:47 on nordschleife? Incredible achivement, huge news for the car world. Yet at times, in faster sections it seemes like the driver wasnt pushing that hard. He was probably a bit scared or maybe just reasonable. Like the most of guys even those who achive the most amazing times. So I doubt if they can be faster then chaps in front of monitors with hours to spare. Yet they are.
    Could it be that carrera s in ac is just too slow? Or maybe tyre model 10 is not balanced correctly for road cars?

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  4. detoit

    detoit Racer

    I started a thread above - but I really believe the 991s is inaccurately slow. I've got the c7 vette on three tracks running almost 2 seconds faster. The AI against itself is showing 3 difference between the Porsche and the Chevy. The m4 is actually a tad faster but certainly gets more power down sooner.

    Someone pointed out this isn't true on all tracks. But I'd like to play multiplayer (I've got a decent server) against anyone who disagrees on mugello, imola, or donnington. I do not mind being wrong, I'm just not seeing it, nor are the other two experienced drivers I'm playing with.

    Sadly I think there is some Porsche magic that hasn't made it to the virtual car. Still by far the best implementation of a modern 911 in any sim.
  5. Orne

    Orne Alien

    Be interesting to see how this all plays out once the C7 and other road cars are on tyre model 10.
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  6. My attempt. Definitely not an easy task and as you would expect, failed miserably. :)

    Time: 7.43.4
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2016
  7. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    @OP did you check the Sport Auto issue? This test run is part of the super test and that also includes dyno figures. Would be interesting to see what power that specific car delivers.
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  8. Mr.Mugel

    Mr.Mugel Alien

    Here is the dyno chart from that issue, had it around by chance. Hope it´s okay to post this here.

    Attached Files:

  9. Błażej

    Błażej Racer

    Oh, that is brilliant. Impressive time nontheless. My times are quite miserable for now. I guess I really have to learn how to drive it. I dont mind practicing because I really enjoy this car. It may be my favourite road car in ac. What is your time in 918 if you dont mind me asking?
  10. Znam Neznam

    Znam Neznam Hardcore Simmer

    Is that really stock car though?

    You can never trust these press cars.

    How is it so stable compared to AC one?
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  11. Błażej

    Błażej Racer

    I think porsche is quite fair in that respect. Not like a certain italian manufacturer... :) I find this car quite stable actually, even a bit understeery. But like I mentioned I dont think I drive it correctly. What I found about cars with 4ws (r34, 918) in assetto is that they really reward smooth driving (at least with me behind the wheel) :)
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  12. Znam Neznam

    Znam Neznam Hardcore Simmer

    Yeah but its not even close to the real life video from above. Under steer is there and zero wheel correction.

    I just did 2 tries and could barely manage 7:46ish.

    Did side by side comparison with real video and all the time loss is in corners.

    Once you start pushing the AC version it just starts misbehaving. Starts to snap without warning.

    If alien does 7:34 in AC I will be blown away.
  13. Cyber-Shot

    Cyber-Shot Gamer

    Managed to beat current RSR record. Did 7:40.9 .Wasn't too hard, but don't think i can improve a lot atm, Maybe few seconds max. Don't see me doing 7:34, maybe some alien could, not too sure though.
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  15. I like Carrera S too but I don't think it's the perfect match with Nordschleife. Actually I don't enjoy driving it at the ring at all.

    I tried 918 when the DLC were just released but it felt really strange under braking. Haven't driven it ever since. Brake-steer-system felt more like a brake-understeer to me.
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  16. D1visor

    D1visor Alien

    Yeah, now compare the virtual and real car (doesn't even look like they're the same car). Porsche is a rear engine, superbly balanced 420hp traction monster as you can see in the video, the one in game oversteers so easily you think the rear tyres are made out of plastic as well as understeers entering corners. Car is not right and needs to be checked and fixed, and if it's not the car, then it's the tyres.
  17. I agree. I mean, AC in general feels a bit off for me, but at least most cars kinda drive like they "should". The Carrera S tho, wtf. It makes no sense. Does it have rear wheel steering ? Im thinking something might be seriously messed up with it.
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  18. D1visor

    D1visor Alien

    Supposedly someone asked Andreas Preuninger (The guy responsible for Porsche's latest greatest offerings, like gt3rs and whatnot), why the rear wheel steering? He said "car felt like a truck without it", which is funny to hear about a Porsche.
  19. Maybe is they'd go on a diet and not have such ridiculous front to rear tyre width ratio they'd handle better haha.
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  20. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    Could it be like the Huayra situation where they needed the algorithms for the flaps?

    From the Porsche Carrera S http://www.porsche.com/usa/models/911/911-carrera-s/chassis and 718 Cayman S http://www.porsche.com/usa/models/718/718-cayman-s/chassis/

    (text copied actually from the standard Cayman model, as it explains better the PSM then in the other webpages, but check the links above and read the systems from each car)
    Porsche Stability Management (PSM) is fitted as standard. This system automatically maintains stability and traction even at the limits of dynamic driving performance. Sensors continuously monitor the direction, speed, yaw velocity and lateral acceleration of the car. Using this information, PSM is able to calculate the actual direction of travel at any given moment. If the car begins to oversteer or understeer, PSM applies selective braking on individual wheels in order to restore stability. - PSM is able to calculate the actual direction of travel at any given moment and initiates strategic braking of individual wheels to prevent you from deviating from your intended line.

    What I notice when I drive the Carrera S in game is that when turning at medium or high speed, the outside rear likes to slip and oversteers the car. Perhaps having PSM in game will be like drivers from real life report the carrera s and the other modern porsche models to be well behaved. But in game it feels like these electronic systems aren't enabled, so you're gonna experience the car more freely and more risky, while in real life they don't turn off these safety and handling features. Therefore all drive tests in real life from these particular cars will be different to the game.
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  21. D1visor

    D1visor Alien

    "The problem is the location of that engine. Putting it behind the rear wheels is as wrong as trying to invade Russia when you haven’t closed down the Western Front. It can’t work and it looks like belligerence to endlessly try to overcome the inherent problem rather than simply giving up and starting again.

    Yes, putting the engine at the rear means you have more weight over the back wheels so off the line, when the tail of a car squats, that means more grip, less wheelspin and quicker acceleration. Lovely. You will arrive at the corner in front of your adversary… but then what? You will turn the wheel, there will be no weight over the front wheels, you will understeer, and if you lift off to correct that, the nose will pitch down, the rear tyres will lose grip and any attempt to correct the resultant slide will be pointless because the engine’s in the back acting like a giant pendulum.

    If you see a corner coming up in an early 911, the best thing you can do is follow these two steps:

    1) Undo your seat belt

    2) Get in the back

    I don’t remember what sort of 911 I drove first, but I’d heard so many horror stories about the wayward handling that I didn’t dare go more than 4 mph. Which meant I had more time to examine the ridiculously basic dashboard, and the heater controls which appeared to be connected to nothing at all." - Jeremy Clarkson, 2010
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