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PS4 Porsche 918 Spyder vs LaFerrari

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by iwanchek, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. iwanchek

    iwanchek Simracer


    Porsche loses here big time! But why?!

    Drove the Porsche on the release day, Spa, Stock setup. First corner understeers, entry to Eau Rouge, big dive under breaking direct into the barriers!! Ha?!?!

    Second try, first right handed, bit early on the brakes, dive into the right handed nead the wall, acceleration is too both, gear changes perfect, coming to Eau Rouge-hard breaking, shift to 5th, car dives again and directly into the wall....

    Third try, not Eau rouge early breaking, into the 4th, car slides sideways.....you wount believe me, tried like 15 times I got two times I don't know how did I go through the chicanes....!

    Now the real deal...

    Acceleration, gearbox, you can feel the power is amazing but other then that-lolololo.... let me
    Explain, follow me on this one, car is to much digital, to much technological which stops you to heaving fun!! You CANT turn off the TC, you can't go sideways to adjust the exit of the corner....you just don't have FUN driving it!!

    Laferrari, a dream!! Car that pushes you to your limit without taking your spine out!! Perfect acceleration, gearbox is a dreamy handling is just breathtaking, turn in, slowly on the throttle when you feel confident hit maximum, that engine, sound that produce it, puts you a big on your face and it's fast as well!!!

    Eau rouge, no problem, and every other corner I really didn't have the need to sweating my pants off, you breake-car does it, turn in car turns, you accelerate-car follow your throttle input, small adjust on the wheel and we are taking of. No electronics, not nothing, just you and the car.

    Drove those two cars on the Nordschleife, stock, in the first minute crashed the Porsche like 5 times with the LaF zero (0-->zero)...!!

    I'm really wondering how can in real world the Porsche be faster then the LaF, ok not to much (on few track LaF was 0.2 behind), but here in game the LaF is destroying the Porsche. Brutal reality I know.

    Still amazing DLC can't complain though but I really thought that the Porsche will offer more, better handling, stable one, but the LaF is still the king in the game.

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  3. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    On PC they seem fairly similar pace. Maybe there is a bug on console in which case it will hopefully be fixed (i'm sure they will fix not being able to turn TC off.)

    I had a go at testing the 3 hypercars on hypercar road tyres at Silverstone National
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  4. Plidex

    Plidex Rookie

    Maybe --->> maybe!!! may... be! you -- not another one ------ you... lololo don't, opposite of do..... can't! drive the 918 (Porsche!!!)
  5. iwanchek

    iwanchek Simracer

    I really don't know but for me the Porsche (On PS4) in hard to drive, not stable at all s for instance the LaF which is in the last patch much more enjoyable to drive even though with TC OFF, perfect!

    Tested as I wrote, on Spa, did laps with Porsche and with the LaF, unbelievable how hard the Porsche is to drive! We'll see what Kunos can do here

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  6. Kubr0

    Kubr0 Racer

    Unfortunately, I think that Kunos won't do anything. Gave the 918 a whirl on PS4 yesterday and it felt exactly like on PC, no difference. If you look @rsr Leaderboards, its clearly visible that both 918 & LaFerrari are equally fast, there are very very slight differences depending on which track is being used. I guess you just need to fiddle around with the setup and should focus more on this instead of expecting some miracle from Kunos ...
  7. iwanchek

    iwanchek Simracer

    Yoooo it's just my 2 cents here from the first impression and first drive nothing more nothing less. I don't expect now from Kunos nothing tbh I'm just saying how I see those two cars. Maybe if I spend more with the Porsche maybe better time will come but we'll see.

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  8. Personally don't find there to be an issue with the 918 on PS4.
  9. isma_10000

    isma_10000 Rookie

    Yes spyder have bug rotation mode3 in T300 . Spyder it's 1080 not 540 lol.. so patch kunos please
  10. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    In my tests i used factory ABS but no TC, i'd say the LaF was more of a beast to control on road tyres than the 918. The Porsche has incredible traction out of corners. Just get it slowed and to the apex and then unleash the fury. You can tell it's 4WD it doesn't enter corners quite like the other 2 do but boy does it make up for it on corner exit! It was the fastest in my little test.
    iwanchek likes this.
  11. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    Are you sure about that? A supercar with 1080 degrees of rotation feels a bit strange. But I dont think its only got 520 ingame neither (except with the wheel bug on console).
  12. iwanchek

    iwanchek Simracer

    I didn't feel comfortable driving the Porsche on Spa for example. But I'll give that car a go during the weekend though to know the car better.

    My thread was based on the first impression maybe bit deeper tests and learn how car drives will be better and accurate review.

    I know that the Porsche is fast, agree fully one that just it seem you've to drive this car different. No attacking corners, tail out of the corners, it's just breake. I sly and flor it on the very exit. :)

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  13. danowat

    danowat Hardcore Simmer

    I feel that some of the issue, at least on console, is that you don't have any control over the TCS and ABS functions as the buttons don't work.
  14. Sohail_16

    Sohail_16 Gamer

    For now just change it from the menu before you start driving.
  15. danowat

    danowat Hardcore Simmer

    Agreed, you can do that, but you lose the granularity of the on the fly systems adjustment.

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