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Possibility to show physical wheel ingame

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by elchshooter, Dec 18, 2016.

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  1. elchshooter

    elchshooter Simracer

    I'd like to know, if there are any modding or official plans to show the used simracing wheel instead of the car's wheel ingame?

    For me as an oculus rift cv1-driver with a fanatec porsche rim, it would be of huge benefit, i terms of finding buttons. Would it be very hard to implement let's's say the 10 most used sim-wheels?
    Concerning the simulation value, as you can't own every wheel rim for every car, you would just trade off one unrealistic thing(other physical wheel than ingame wheel) against another (other ingame wheel than real car's wheel).

    As i said, i just wanted to know if there are any plans from kunos, or any project plans of the modding community.

  2. Did you honestly just ask if it would be that much work to include a dozen different (fake) steering wheels for each car? LOL, Good luck with that.
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  3. elchshooter

    elchshooter Simracer

    You, my friend are an ignorant a-hole. The question wasn't unrealistic, no offense, no request. I just asked if there are official OR MODDING plans. In addition i doubt that you even understand, why the question is vital for VR users.
    Have a nice day.
  4. liakjim

    liakjim Alien

    It would be the most realistic option, to see the actual wheel of the car you driving and not the toy one in your home, right?
  5. elchshooter

    elchshooter Simracer

    No, but the option would be nice for VR users, because one can't see the physical wheel.
  6. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    That's the way to get productive responses...:rolleyes:
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  7. elchshooter

    elchshooter Simracer

    I would never reply in that way to anybody else.
  8. liakjim

    liakjim Alien

    And what happens with all the data that game wants to pass through virtual wheel, like kers on F1 wheels?

    I honestly can't find a reason , why should KUNOS, invest resources on this.

    Modders? Well , this will probably require, to crack KUNOS files for their cars, so good luck with that...
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  9. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    Yes, this was covered recently cause somebody asked for help on changing steering wheels of car models.

    He already got the model in, but it didn't turn.
    For this though it's necessary to crack and change the kn5 file(s).
    Such discussions aren't allowed here.

    So KS won't do it and if modders will do that, then you got to look somewhere else for help.

    I'm not a VR user, but I like the theory to see the wheel that is used in the real car.
    The only downside I can think of is if the DoR is off between the modeled wheel and your gaming wheel.
  10. elchshooter

    elchshooter Simracer

    That, for example is an answer/critic that i understand, not the "stupid question, you fool"-thing. I just hate the way michael responds to adults, if he considers a question "invalid"

    Yeah, i understand the problem with f1-type wheels. But ususlly i even once did hide the ingame wheel when using triples. And i think most people do that and see their "toy wheels".

    Edit: okay, schnipp, i didn't find anything on that in the forums, so i just asked.
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  11. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

    To me the question makes sense from the point of view of a VR user. I mean, AC has a lot of "buttons" for brake balance, DRS, turbo, etc. Once you wear your VR headset you can't see them.
    All the guy is asking is a graphical reproduction of a real simracing wheel, so that he has an idea of where to place his hand. Now the wheel size would be a problem for the hands animation etc.
    Still, the question makes sense.
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  12. elchshooter

    elchshooter Simracer

  13. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    Wasn't meant to criticise you.
    I just remembered it and gave you the short conclusion of it as I'm on my phone and it's a hassle to search for the thread this way.
    Justed wanted to let you know.
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  14. Tberg

    Tberg Alien

    Alright alright alright! Guys!? :p
    I admit that my first thought was on the sceptical side, but I can follow where the idea comes from. You probably need to be a VR user yourself to understand, right? ;)

    But, to give a sober answer, I don´t think it´s something Kunos would invest time in even before they´ve finalized the VR features in general.
    I have a custom wheel myself, with fanatec usb hub and buttons. I´ve simply praticed to know locations of TC, ABS, brakebias etc, so I can use it blindfolded. And, because it doesn´t bother me that much that I can´t see my physical wheel, I also appreciate that I can actually see the real wheel of the car model, adding to the immersion of being in the actual car. I like I can see the differences of each car in VR, and I kind of feel that KS staff would defend keeping it that way too.
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  15. elchshooter

    elchshooter Simracer

    Okay, so obviously no plans/possibility to see this ingame, i think i'll learn to find the buttons blindfolded too. Thanks.
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  16. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    Do anyone else sometimes get a different feeling with your physical wheel depending on the car you driving?
  17. Horus

    Horus Alien

    I do not think I have looked for a button or HUD switch on my wheel/shifter for over four years. Maybe if the dash/apps informed you of the switches and dials some wheels have that would help, but having the toy wheel in game would just break the entire immersion and beauty of the car and hours of work Kunos have put into the cockpits. Only my personal opinion, also if you know MH is going to be rude to you, why have you not ignored him?
  18. elchshooter

    elchshooter Simracer

    Why should i? Forum rules say "respectful behaviour". If MH doesn't behave respectful and this isn't sanctioned, why sould i take this. As i said, I'd otherwise never treat somebody like this. I got a new fanatec wheel, with tons of buttons. In VR it's really difficult in the beginning.
  19. YES, I thought I was the only one!

    When I'm in the zone, my steering wheel goes into super-placebo mode and I feel the wheel of that particular car, I'm not kidding.

    Something like the AMG GT3 which has a non-round wheel, when I drive it thats what I feel in my hands. And since its not round, I keep my hands on the sides at pretty much all times, like you would the real car.

    Then when I'm driving the 250F, all of a sudden I feel like i'm holding the wheel of a pirate ship, huge diameter, thin rimmed etc.

    The power of the imagination...
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  20. elchshooter

    elchshooter Simracer

    Yes, i sometimes have the same impressions
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