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Possibility to train a specific corner or track-section

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Mike1304, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. Mike1304

    Mike1304 Alien

    I watched tutorials for racedriver-beginners concerning how to go fast through a corner, how to trailbrake, ...

    Now I would like to know what would be the best and most efficient way to try this out in a simulator like ACC.

    Is there a possibility in practice-mode to select an individual starting point on a track where the car will “spawn” and then I could start driving, try a corner and then I can simply press a button to “re-spawn” on the saved starting-point to try again and again and again....:p

    I know I could drive the whole lap until I come back to the specific corner/section I want to learn but on the one hand this is waste of time (at least it’s not efficient for my purpose) and on the other hand it’s much more difficult for beginners (I want to concentrate only on the specific corner or section! Sounds ridiculous but if I have to drive through many other corners first until I reach again the corner I want to learn I forget what I exactly did good/wrong there in the lap before :oops::rolleyes:).

    Or would you suggest to turn around, drive back (in the wrong direction) and try the corner again instead of finishing the whole lap?

    If there is no such “spawn-thing”, do you think it would be a good idea for Kunos to implement?

    I think it would be an innovative practice-feature which maybe other simulators don’t have yet.

    Yes, in real life a driver can’t as well “spawn” where he would like, but isn’t this exactly the advantage of a “virtual simulator”? Being able to raise efficiency and only learn specific corners/sections and concentrate only on a specific target in a way you couldn’t do in real life but still use the most realistic physics?

    I imagine a system where you can simply press keys while being on track to determine three points:

    1. “Spawn-point”: your car will spawn exactly at this position whenever you want by pressing a specific key
    2. Point for “start timekeeping” : timekeeping starts when car passes this point (could be visualised by a virtual green line on the track)
    3. Point for “end timekeeping” (virtual red line for example)

    This would be a cool “sandbox”-mode for learning/experimenting.

    What do you think?

  2. Doc3d

    Doc3d Racer

    I used to think this was a good idea, but I think it’s actually counterproductive in reality. The thing about making you do the whole lap is that you will subconsciously learn the other parts of the track as well. So this is even more of use for beginners. I think a far better approach is to not try too hard, and go at a speed you are comfortable with, then have extra caution when doing the section you want to focus on. this way you will learn the whole track even when focused on one section, making further section-work easier in the long run and you will find your overall laptimes to go down without you really trying, which is a good thing.
  3. Winston

    Winston Hardcore Simmer

    I tend to agree, also it's good to find a rhythm around the track. It's important to find a high level of consistency when lapping so there is always a benefit to doing a whole lap.We could also talk about track and tyre conditions changing constantly and the need to feel and understand the car as they do.

    Something else that occurred to me is, you may make the corner in a clean and tidy way but how do you know it's the fastest or best line without having a lap time/split time.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2020
  4. m_box97

    m_box97 Simracer

    I also think it's just better to practice the entire lap and anyway it would require so much work (mechanics, UI, bugs...) for a feature that a very small amount of people would use
  5. David Marx

    David Marx Rookie

    As your mind imprints the track, it is better to have each turn in sequence as each turn sets up the next. It might seem like a good idea to do Raidillon over and over to nail it, but the speed you get out of La source is just as important to how you approach Raidillon. If you say, OK then, I’ll start on the start/finish straight, but then your braking into la source depends on you exit speed from the chicane.....and your speed into the braking zone for the chicane...you get the idea.
  6. Maciej Malinowski

    Maciej Malinowski Hardcore Simmer

    I understand where are coming from with that idea, but if u really want to practice certain parts of your lines, technique, setups, and all other things you need to know that behaviour on that one specific occasion will hugely depend on what you have done with the car right from where you left the pit and even before, car needs to be warmed up, tyres needs to be up to pressure and they can’t be up to pressure just like that because the way they come to that pressure depends also on you,
    Tyres will even change their behaviour over the course of one lap and few corner depending on what u have done with them, so there is really no way of testing stuff like that with just a spawn system, or at least IMO,
    Testing in perfect or unrealistic environment is counterproductive because it’s super rare to find yourself in such situation in the first place and if u want to get better you also need to understand not only how to work with the car but also with yourself and things you do to that car beforehand
  7. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

    A corner does not exist in isolation, what happens at the previous corner will determine the pace you have approaching the next. and the state of the tires, etc...
    Additionally it is totally unrealistic.
    We are already so fortunate, in relation to real racing, that we have unlimited track time, tires, chosen weather, having to do full laps comes with the territory and should be embraced, not seen as a hindering.

    The first goal is to be immersed, any artifact taking that away makes the all charade less of a SIM and just a game. Fast laps without immersion is sad.:(

    Immersion has lasting attractiveness, gets better as our SIM are getting more immersive by bringing us closer to the real experience: VR, DD wheels, Load cell brakes, tactile, better physic, better graphic, better sound.

    Maybe some people posting lately about being bored, should drive the immersive stuff instead of clinking on old sims, way past their prime, surviving on legends and old women stories.:D

    Thank you Kunos for always raising the bar, first with AC and now with ACC, you are keeping me coming back every day for more. Not bored one iota, just wanting more track time smiling all the way.;)
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2020
    Czar66 and Maciej Malinowski like this.
  8. Mike1304

    Mike1304 Alien

    Thank you guys for your answers. Yes, you are right. I will learn the whole tracks. :)
  9. It is a great idea. like in granturismo 1 2 3 4.
    In the end, though, it's the same. You just need to collect more laps to instruct your brain to focus on that corner.
    In short once you manage to do all the rest easily, you will also easily remember how you did that corner of through the stint.
    Mike1304 likes this.
  10. GRFOCO

    GRFOCO Alien

    i can understand such feature for a huge track like Nurb. Nordschleife where a laptime is about 7mins and maybe you want try only a certain small sector, but in a common track imho it's useless for all reasons already mentioned above.

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