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Post your Playlist/Favorite Racing Song, Albums

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by NWG.Slum, Sep 17, 2018.

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  1. NWG.Slum

    NWG.Slum Racer

    I'll start.

    Right now it's obviously all about my boy Em, he is KILLING it with Kamikaze, and this new KILLSHOT:



    But sometimes I just need a little Back in Black:

    And other times I just need a little Fast and Furious Music:

    RIP MY DUDE, PAUL WALKER 1973 – 2013

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  3. NWG.Slum

    NWG.Slum Racer

    Just did a couple hours of hot laps and testing and tuning while listening to this:

    What about you guys? Come on, what is on your playlist bros?
  4. J4yR3yn0ld5

    J4yR3yn0ld5 Rookie

    I’m too busy enjoying all the sounds from ACC to spoil it with music.
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  5. mantasisg

    mantasisg Racer

    People in facebook must have stopped visiting your profile :D
  6. NWG.Slum

    NWG.Slum Racer

    True that the sounds on freaking AWESOME. Can't wait a year or two until we start getting JDM, Euro, Street Cars, Track Cars, Proto's, IndyCars, etc in UNREAL ENGINE 4 and with KS sound team, the best sound team out there. I honestly would be very impressed with the audio design if this was a 112 man team, LET ALONE A 12 MAN TEAM!? That is just nuts. KS is kicking ***.

    Don't do facecrack or any of that social medias, well my intern does handle our Shop Page, and we do have a pretty big following and such. My intern does most of my posting on here as well, I just dictate. It is good to be the boss, and yeah I do have the best job in the World haha.

    Oh, I do have a fanpage but I don't run it my manager (frat bro of mine) runs it.


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  7. DzelRacing

    DzelRacing Racer

    The engine sound !
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  8. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Alien

    music from
    Hans Zimmer
    Two Steps from Hell
    Ivan Torrent
    and than just search for Epic Music and play some long ones :D

    But usually when i drive no music at all
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  9. NWG.Slum

    NWG.Slum Racer

    Can't go wrong with those :)

    I actually just did a session while listening to this delicate, yet poignant OST from Hans Zimmer and it was a great run:

    I am really into this OST right now though, and throw it on while racing in ACC, or IRL, or just driving around town:
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  10. Vel

    Vel Racer

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  11. NWG.Slum

    NWG.Slum Racer

    Can never, ever go wrong with The Boss's Racin in the Street. But I'll be honest Thunder Road is probably my fave, no matter how played out it might be. I had the single on a tape back when I was growing up and so it has a special place in my heart.

    Currently we have GNR "Welcome to the Jungle" on in the shop and it makes me want to stop what I am doing (important paid work) and go hop in the sim, get some laps in hehe think I might!
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  12. Ethan Dean

    Ethan Dean Hardcore Simmer

    If you don't Super Eurobeat we can't be friends

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  13. NWG.Slum

    NWG.Slum Racer

    Bro this is me IRL !

    LOL actually I am not sure if that is the beat I think it is because I have no sound right now doing something else, but here is me IRL #2

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