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Generic Post your Wheel Force Feedback settings for console.

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by Disease26, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Disease26

    Disease26 Gamer

    Hey all, i've found a few settings here and there but it seems like it might be a good idea to have a dedicated thread for people to list their Force Feedback settings for the console version of the game..
    (mods please delete if necessary)

    i found the default setting much too strong with Thrustmaster TX so i'd love to see what others have their ffb settings at?

    currently im running:
    ffb 50%
    curb 25%
    road 25%
    slip 10%
    understeer ON
    xbox - Thrusty Tx

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  3. Blingking

    Blingking Rookie

    FFB 70
    Curb 30
    Road 30
    Slip off
    Understeer on
  4. robgunns

    robgunns Rookie

    I like very delicate feedback with no clipping if find this works for me.

    ffb 36%
    curb 4%
    road 2%
    slip 0%
    understeer off
    PS4 - T300rs
  5. Spacepadrille

    Spacepadrille Rookie

    I spend 6 months to get a fantastic ffb on PCars. I try to feel same in AC. I drive same car same track in both games and adjust AC settings slowly.

    At this time my settings are : (still a little bit strong and clipping in AC)
    ffb 30%
    curb 30%
    road 40%
    slip 0%
    understeer OFF
    PS4-T300+599xxEVO rim
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  6. Schumi26

    Schumi26 Rookie


    With T500RS fantastic for me!!!
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  7. Marche777

    Marche777 Rookie

    Anyone Xbox One - Thrustmaster TX?

    Inviato dal mio SM-G925F utilizzando Tapatalk
  8. Deckard2028

    Deckard2028 Rookie

    I've knocked the FFB down to 80 and put understeer on and left everything else on default. The ffb is light years ahead of PC even with the Jack Spade settings.

  9. Disease26

    Disease26 Gamer

    i've tweaked mine a bit, tonight i ran with:
    ffb 50%
    curb 20%
    road 20%
    slip 0%
    understeer off

    xbox - TX

    feels like a nice middle ground to me, not overpowering but gives a little resistance and good bump feedback
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  10. Marche777

    Marche777 Rookie

    Thank you! I'll try tomorrow when i have the game

    Inviato dal mio SM-G925F utilizzando Tapatalk
  11. Donnced2

    Donnced2 Hardcore Simmer

    I'm on the PlayStation 4 with a Thrustmaster T150RS.
    These are my settings :

    FFB: 60%
    curb: 30%
    road: 30%
    slip: 10%
    understeer: on

    Just amazing the level of simulation and FFB of this sim!
    David moore likes this.
  12. TheBadBoyRay

    TheBadBoyRay Gamer

    FFB to 20 and everything else on default. Thrustmaster TX
  13. psychobrazil

    psychobrazil Rookie

    On PS4 + T500RS + TH8A

    ffb 50%
    curb 40%
    road 50%
    slip 20%
    understeer OFF
    TitzonToast likes this.
  14. Pewl

    Pewl Rookie

    PS4 + T300gte + TH8A + T3PA

    ffb 45%
    curb 20%
    road 25%
    slip 25%
    understeer ON
  15. delahosh

    delahosh Rookie

    T500RS PS4

    ffb 20%
    curb 10%
    road 100%
    slip 20%
    understeer ON

  16. XelaleX

    XelaleX Rookie

    Xbox One + TX
    FFB : 45
    CURB : 20
    ROAD : 20
    Slip : 3
    Understeer : On
  17. Tboneterry

    Tboneterry Rookie

    I agree, the first time I realized how impressive it is on my 150 was picking one of them lotus formula looking cars with the big wheels, and feeling the "lazer scanned" track. I feel like they did an acceptional job.
    My only thing is I would like a physical spring behind my gas peddle for a little gradual resistance or they patch game to allow for peddle gain or dead zone.
  18. Boris Lozac

    Boris Lozac Alien

    I don't recommend amplyfing effects.

    Try with "0" for everything besides FFB strength.
  19. surfer 90

    surfer 90 Rookie

    FB: 45%
    Curb effects: 45%
    Road effects: 40%
    Slip: 30%
    Understeer: On
    Thrustmaster tx
  20. ceeece

    ceeece Rookie

    I own a TM T300rs and can't seem to get my settings like I want. I know this is all subjective but I'm a novice sim racer. I just prefer the sim feel over the arcade feel of most games. I've been playing Project Cars on the PS4 since it came out and like it quite a bit but the handling still feels arcade-ish. I want to feel the road under my tires in the FFB mainly and not like I'm gliding on air. Any one got a good "road feel" setting? I tried everything at 100% (except for the main FFB) but didn't know if that is oversaturating the real effects or creating clipping. Thanks
  21. Skemekos123

    Skemekos123 Racer

    FFB: 45
    Curb: 0
    Road: 0
    Slip: 0
    Understeer: Currently in the process of switching back and forth to see which I like more.

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