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Praise the helmet cam!

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Guidofoc, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. its.me

    its.me Gamer

    Same to me. Didn't see any effect.
  2. nrc689

    nrc689 Racer

    I'm also drive even and only with helmet cam. I leave the default setting (54 fov) but less distance and so i don't see the helmet... i don't need mirror. All i need is radar and look behind sometimes. For the high pitch i resolve(?) solved (?) with look to horizon at 0. Before in v. 0.5 i use lookwithwheel for the apex but unfortunately there is no more. But the helmet cam is great and realistic.
  3. Perell0ne

    Perell0ne Racer

    I love the immersion that helmet cam provides, but I think the movement of camera is too limited and it's moving within the helemt, not with the helmet! With the correct FOV (51 for my 55" screen being at almost 70cm distance) hands and wheel are too big (around 5ocm) . To move backward till you measure a reasonable dimension of the wheel ends up like in the following pictures.
    I think this shall be fixed (unless latest release did, I didn't check yet)
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  4. looooool you have to move not the cam. loooooool
  5. DuckeyTapey

    DuckeyTapey Hardcore Simmer

    The size of objects measured on the screen is irrelevant. It can be bigger or smaller than a real wheel, yet you'll still have the correct FOV. Just think of the extreme of using a VR headset. You don't see people go and measure the size of the steering wheel on those small screens. Obviously it will be much smaller on that screen, because the screen is much closer to your eyes than the steering wheel. Same applies to your TV being further away than a steering wheel would normally be, making the size of the wheel on the screen bigger, but viewed from the correct distance that you calculated the FOV with, it'll appear sized correctly.
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  6. measure the helmet
  7. Perell0ne

    Perell0ne Racer

    I don’t think is irrelevant. FOV may be correct for things out of the windshield, but my real wheel is just 25cm away from the one on the screen and I feel the latter one is giant and reduce the immersion and sense of “reality” of being in the car. I think that changing the FOV shall scale all the objects to give a perceived correct dimension.
  8. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Alien

    I tried it but not for me.Too much head movements and when i play standard onboard camera i can see the rotation of car with eyes which is huge help along with ffb
  9. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

  10. you can disable the movement.
    I love it and I would like it to turn the head to look at the corner more
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  11. I quite like this view as well but it takes some getting used to. My only issue is I seem to be too low in the car and when I adjust the height, I get a Black bar start to appear.
  12. Max Doubt

    Max Doubt Racer

    Try ALT + Down Arrow to tilt 'seat', with CNTRL + Up Arrow to move forward.
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  13. FX2K

    FX2K Racer

    I can't use the helmet cam. After setting my correct FOV and moving the camera back enough so it makes sense, it goes from something like this:

    Normal Dashboard Camera
    Helmet Camera:

    Basically, cam is moving inside the helmet and not with it.

    Used snipping tool to grab screens, I use triples so cut them down in size a bit, hence them looking a bit off. Was mainly to show the helmet completely blocking out the view.

    Not that I would want to with triples, but just highlighting that, even if I was on a single 27" screen with my accurate fov, it wouldn't work.
    Last edited: May 13, 2019
    Perell0ne likes this.
  14. the second picture is completely wrong. adjust the parameters taking the fov as low as possible. but that's too much
  15. FX2K

    FX2K Racer

    That was me trying to get the correct view, it doesn't work unless I increase the fov which then makes everything else inaccurate.
    Like I say, just pointing out the cam moves but the helmet isn't attached to the head, as such.
    Pic 1 is dash (not helmet) Pic 2 is helmet and there is no way to get the same position as the normal dash views because of how the cam moves.
  16. Perell0ne

    Perell0ne Racer

    Same fact I was trying to explain. setting just the FOV with helmet cam and not moving backward result in huge unrealistic wheel, far from the same view with no helmet. Hope Kunos will address it.
  17. Si.

    Si. Simracer

    I wonder why we can’t hide wheel as per cockpit view, it’s greyed out with helmet cam?
  18. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    I think when you enable it and put on 100% it moves a lot. Car on screen, i mean. I am having it on 0%, but i think i will put it on 30% and try it. It's like helmet cam without rotation, or i am mistaken...
  19. Alex Couri

    Alex Couri Rookie

    This view is no doubt a great differentiator from ACC, but I wish there was a way to remove the helmet without having to move the camera position. Does anyone know if it's possible?
  20. tom neidher

    tom neidher Rookie

    What's wrong with the helmet cam on the porsche Assetto Corsa Competizione when changing gears. There is so much movement. It hits so hard in 1-2-3 gears. How can I fix it? The other GT3 is perfectly ok.
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