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Generic Pre-Ordered ACC... then watched my first GT3 race...

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by RhythmMachine, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. I really enjoy AC on my XBOX and, hoping that ACC will be a bit more mature and well-rounded and give me some good single player content, I pre-ordered that. I thought it would be fun to watch a couple of races to get excited about when it's released. I pulled up a Nurburgring event and thought, that's curious... why choose the short track configuration for an endurance race? I started to watch with my son, and after a while he said exactly what I was thinking: "This is boring. They're just following each other!"

    So, I haven't watched much in terms of motorsports - enjoyed Drive to Survive and F1 Racer so got pulled into more F1 than anything else, but after seeing bits of a couple of GT3 races I started to wonder if I made the right choice ordering ACC. Do you enjoy watching the Blancpain series? If you've played ACC, do you find it more or less engaging than watching the real thing?

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  3. DD_Friar

    DD_Friar Simracer

    I started going to watch the real thing BECAUSE of playing AC and ACC!
  4. [ATF]Shanti

    [ATF]Shanti Simracer

    24h Spa 2019
  5. baboon

    baboon Hardcore Simmer

    Not sure if would be interested in ACC if I wasn't into motorsports. I love to watch many series and also read articles about motorsports in car magazines.

    There is probably some better racing games but no better simulation of the GT-series. Maybe if you get into the game you will also develop a fascination for the sport.
  6. Gevatter

    Gevatter Alien

    It's not the short layout, they just don't use the slow chicane.
  7. I'll see how it goes - with GT3. I love driving my M3 but I'm hesitant to track it... scared off by potential repair costs for my beloved daily driver, and spending a couple hundred bucks for a wheel and a bit more for a couple of games seemed like a potential way to get my driving fix without immediate financial risk (long-term is still there... "honey, I know we were hoping to develop the basement, but I think my lack of a direct-drive wheel is really holding me back, but not as much as not having a motion rig..."). I enjoy PC2 and my go-to game is AC, so even though I'm not already a GT3 fan, I thought the depth of the simulation would be a worthwhile trade-off for less variety.
    In any case, I am looking less for a great racing game with decent simulation than I am for a great simulation with decent racing, so hopefully this will get me there, even if it doesn't have the corner-by-corner drama of F1.

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