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PRECISION RACING LEAGUE - Open to all! - American & European

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by Cyborg jeromef1, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. We still have places available! We will start the team selection today!
  2. grandmarquee

    grandmarquee Rookie

    How do I sign up. This is my first time looking for league races.
  3. I saw that you have already joined, welcome onboard to PRL!
  4. Georg Siebert

    Georg Siebert Simracer

    I'll keep the reasoning short for now - to make GT3 cars competative, they are balanced through BOP and one type of car suits only one particular driving style; GT3 cars are designed to work with ABS & TC and for a league race, tyres, traffic and varying circumstances limit the Qually-lap attempts to two or three.

    Why are you racing only one GT3 car?
    Why do you race without ABS & TC?
    Why is the Qualifying time set for only 15 min?
  5. Why are you racing only one GT3 car?
    The GT cars are not perfectly equal, some have unfair advantages, etc. So by using a single car (spec series) you even the playing field for everyone to be using the same car, so the calendar doesn't favor any particular car, or if updates happen to the cars we all have the same changes / updates. Actually, the championship is pretty small and we are growing. It's only our second Assetto Corsa season, so we are keeping it as cool/easy as possible.

    Why do you race without ABS & TC?
    Assists: TBD - We may use the "factory" setting for the car to allow factory level TC and ABS. More realistic. Because using TC is sometimes faster and sometimes slower. I've forget to adjust the original post about assist. It was adjusted ok on our website. We will confim what we will be using by the end of the next week. But you are right, TC and ABS are a part of GT3 Cars and we will take it into consideration don't worry ;)

    Why is the Qualifying time set for only 15 min?
    In our league, we are running iRacing, Project Cars, Assetto Corsa and F1 20xx. In 90% of our championships we are doing 15 minutes qualifying and everyone like that format. It's not too short and it's not too long.
  6. I've made a mistake with the car and I've fixed it in the original post. We will be using the Mercedes SLS AMG GT3!

    The full season schedule has been updated!

    We have start today the Team, Teammate & Livery selection!

    We still have places available if you want to sign-up!
  7. Here are the ballast assignment for the season:

    Ballast assignments
    1st: +100kg
    2nd: +60kg
    3rd: +30kg
    4th & below: -15kg (if possible)
  8. First race of the American Championship Monday!!

    The signups for the Euroepan Champ are going well! We still have places available!
  9. The car and team selection for the European Championship has started!!
  10. We have announced the schedule on the PRL forum today!
  11. Pre-Season Race of the Europen Championship in the WTCC TC1 Cars went well! First race next friday!

    We still have places available for both championship.
  12. First race of the European Assetto Corsa PC Championship tomorrow at Circuit Paul Ricard!
  13. Both American and European Championship are still underway! You can still signup in mid-season!
  14. colombianomd

    colombianomd Racer

    I would like to sign up. I opened an account on the website.
  15. Awesome! Now you just need to reply in the signup thread of the European or American Assetto Corsa PC Championship!
  16. We still have places available for both championship!
  17. We have started discussion with our organisers about the Season 3 of the American Championship!
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  18. Signups starting soon!

    Attached Files:

  19. Original post updated with Season 1 Sign-Up of the International Assetto Corsa PC Championship!
  20. Ok guys signups have started and seats filling fast, register and signup HERE Flyer (1).jpg
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