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Prestige DLC - (Pré Order Xbox Live)

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by TNTNitro, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. TNTNitro

    TNTNitro Gamer

    did the pre-order AC on Xbox Live (day 19)
    I also bought the season pass (today 26/08)

    I would like to know why I can't download the DLC cars Prestige?
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  3. It comes out for me in a an in australia 8 am 27/9/16
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  4. the digital version of the game comes with the performance pack not the prestige pack
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  5. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    Hi! Just want to step in here... The Season Pass does not contain the Prestige/Performance Packs. It lists in the text what the Season Pass contains. Hope this helps!
  6. kjellezy

    kjellezy Gamer

    So if i preordered digitally i will not be able to drive the prestige cars? Soon? Ever?
  7. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    Right now, we don’t have any information to share. Should this change in the near future, we will let you know across our Official community channels.
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  8. kjellezy

    kjellezy Gamer

    Ok thanks really hope they will be available, to many good cars there, need the M4 and GTR..
  9. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    We'll let you know if anything changes, be rest assured!
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  10. kjellezy

    kjellezy Gamer

  11. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    Have a great weekend! :)
  12. same here, i wanted to play on the gt86 ... really disappointed for buying the game on the xbox store with the season pass and cant play with that car.. plus is in the game it shows me that car .. i select it and it send me on the store tu purchase something , and there is only the season pass.. hope in a solution for everyone not for only who bought it in disc...
  13. kjellezy

    kjellezy Gamer

    Yes it shouldnt matter if you preorder the digital or disc version i think.. I have bought all my games from the ps store since i dont want to have to change discs..
  14. breyzipp

    breyzipp Gamer

    I keep my fingers crossed that the prestige pack will be available in the future as a DLC as well. I don't like disc versions of games, I prefer digital since the game runs better since everything is installed on the XBox internal harddrive. But because so many cars in the prestige pack are what I consider iconic must have cars (Toyota GT86, Nissan GT-R, Audi R8, Mustang GT, ... really all 9 of them!) i preordered from game.co.uk anyway. Now guess what, a few days before release date they declined my preorder supposedly due to issues with my VISA card. I tried 2 more times, each time declined. So I bought it from the XBox store digital with the same VISA card without any issues. Sadly by that time it was already friday the 26th so I don't even have the performance pack from the digital pre-order. :(
  15. to be honest people who bought the digital version should be given the prestige pack for no cost since we already paid more for less content.
  16. kjellezy

    kjellezy Gamer

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  17. breyzipp

    breyzipp Gamer

    I can understand that point of view, certainly because I heard all these cars have been free on the PC as well.
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  18. i just hope people dont think im complaining because of a feeling of entitlement this is the first time i have paid more for a game digitally with less content than the retail version
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  19. breyzipp

    breyzipp Gamer

    Yes well same here, I actually don't care if they end up as a payed DLC. What really bums me at the moment is that the Prestige pack wasn't even possible to buy as a digital download and on top of that it has 9 cars that I really consider must-have cars. I mean never being able to drive the Toyota GT86, the Audi R8, the Mustang GT, the GT-R NISMO and the others just feels so wrong, these are all iconic sports cars or super cars. Just knowing that they were free on the PC just makes it even more sad.

    But let's just hope that Kunos will make the prestige pack available soon.
  20. breyzipp

    breyzipp Gamer

    Ooh well, Ebay for the win and now I got the Prestige DLC code added to my XBox account.

    Still feel bad about other people with digital downloads that want the Prestige edition. I hope Kunos can help you guys out soon.
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  21. Johann N

    Johann N Rookie

    I dont know what you are talking about. There was no other Version or pre-order in my xb-store.. :(

    Also i cannot find any description of steering-options.. what are they doing?

    Generally: i bought a console version, so everything has to be on console. This new usability of using a Computer to play a game is a terrible thing. i stopped playing dirt and in forza many players are out because of registring in any place outsides the game. pc players may like this 1000registring community, consoleros dont. or can not.

    Like this:

    In order to receive support, please ALWAYS zip and attach your "logs" folder, otherwise we can't help!
    You can find it in the "Assetto Corsa" folder located in your Windows Documents folder ("Documents\Assetto Corsa" path).


    Hey, where is this folder on the xb1 oder ps4?

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