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Generic Prestige pack for XBox One & PS4

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by breyzipp, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. breyzipp

    breyzipp Gamer

    I would prefer to buy the digital version of the game but the Prestige DLC pack was never available as a digital download. Will the pack be made available later as separate DLC? Or do I need to buy the retail preorder version if I want to drive cars like the Toyota GT86?
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  3. thats the only complaint i have really, i didnt want the disc based version so was forced to pay more for less content. i didnt mind paying more if the content was the same
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  4. Nobody can say that yet even not kunos. This decision was made by or together with 505 Games i think.But I think it will be available in the next weeks.
  5. Eugor

    Eugor Hardcore Simmer

    As George mentioned, this was probably a decision that 505 wanted for some reason. Turn 10 does a similar thing in Forza, but we haven't heard anything at all publicly about the prestige cars being available at a later time for AC.
  6. the fact is also that the prestige version wasnt available to buy on the xbox store.. only the performance.. so for who buy on the xbox store didnt have the possibility to have that pack in no way...
  7. Yes it was only a guess from my side, that the prestige pack will be available in upcoming weeks.

    It can happen that the pack stay exclusive for disk buyers. So maybe expect that, then you'll be supriced in a positiv way, when the prestige pack is available as dlc for all.
  8. PBC

    PBC Rookie

    EDIT: I have used the code and prestige cars are available
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2016
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  9. TheBadBoyRay

    TheBadBoyRay Gamer

    Did you have to buy a special version of the disk to get the prestige pack?

    I bought the disk version but only got the performance pack.
  10. talby71

    talby71 Gamer

    Depends where you bought it from
    Only selected retailers had the prestige edition

    Hopefully for those that didnt get the prestige edition it is only a timed exclusive
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  11. WNCmotard

    WNCmotard Racer

    You pay for the convenience of not having to get up and switch discs. No different than buying groceries at a convenience store, vs a grocery store.
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  12. TheBadBoyRay

    TheBadBoyRay Gamer

    I see, thanks
  13. talby71

    talby71 Gamer

    I would have bought digital also but i wanted the prestige pack
    Had to use a retailer that i would rather not use
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  14. breyzipp

    breyzipp Gamer

    Digital + eBay code = digital prestige pack ;)
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  15. its the first time i have paid more for a digital version with less content its insane. if it was £1-2 more then yeah fine but when the same version at retail is £10 less it shows that digital buyers got screwed
  16. WNCmotard

    WNCmotard Racer

    I bought the digital version also, knowing full well upfront I was paying an extra $10 for it. The convenience was worth it to me, might not be for others.
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  17. SkechBG

    SkechBG Racer

    Is rediculous make a preorder in Psn... Buying a Seasson Pass and keep without the cars from prestige pack...is simple rediculous...but if they not release it to the seasson pas i go trow the game from the window...anyway no have PRIVED MULTIPLAYER SERVERS...and have people who ruin the online expiriance of others...i was so exited...obout this game...i have it on PC than aplha stage...my pc broke and i buy a ps4 waiting to this game to be released...by it and season pass too...and i feew lied...lots of stuff compared to PC isnt ingame...
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  18. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    Hi - You'll be pleased to know that the Prestige pack will be available in the future as purchasable DLC! :)
  19. While I'm happy that it will be released I'm not sure how I feel about it costing more money
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  20. Jacky Chou

    Jacky Chou Gamer

    But if it is free will be better!

    從我的iPhone使用Tapatalk 發送
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  21. Vigliano

    Vigliano Rookie

    You know what really grinds my gears? The launch trailer for the game on the ps store and Ms store, it has the Ferrari F1 cars in it screaming around monza I think it is.

    These cars aren't even in the game yet. The PC version, yes, but not console versions. Talk about false advertising...
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