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Pro/Amateur Teams for league racing

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by subtsub, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. subtsub

    subtsub Rookie

    When this sim hits multiplayer, who's planning on creating/being on a team for racing leagues and the likes?

    Just a thought, hasn't been much talk about it (obviously the game's in early development) but still, looking forward to seeing a few new teams out there, especially with the ease of skin creating..

    I, for one, will definitely be racing on a team with my buddy Donut_10, already made the skins etc!

    What about you guys? :)
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  3. Andrew Ward

    Andrew Ward Gamer

    I ran a team in the 2011 Formula Sim Racing World Championship. Very enjoyable experience as a team owner but it requires a lot of time, testing, driver management, finding sponsors as well as the politics that come with league racing... all this on top of working a full time job & being a father & husband. But that being said I would be very interested in a GT type championship in Assetto Corsa as a Team owner.

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  4. Voodoo

    Voodoo Gamer

    I'd love to race with an amateur team. Building a team and working towards a common goal is very satisfying. I also think it could add a lot of buzz to the game.

    Old post, I know, but the topic is interesting.
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  5. Martyn

    Martyn Racer

    Yep I agree. Essential to keep the scene alive IMO. Personally I won't have time to commit to anything like that but I want people to race against so two options I can think of are drivatar style AI drivers that can enter your races for you and do comparable lap times with similar characteristics (realise this is no small ask) or just an option to enter races based on your world rank, or as part of a team, entering as an average of the whole team until you go pro where the team is stacked against only other pro teams.
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  6. nasanu

    nasanu Gamer

    I have been coding away to support this. I already have leagues support with teams integration (and crucial Assetto Corsa support :) ):

    A demo league:

    Demo Championship:

    And demo team:

    I should have everything tried and tested by the time multiplayer hits. To explain, I am building a web application to host leagues for racing games. Any user can create a league, each league has championships with seasons and each championship has races. All of these generate their own content which can be embedded in other sites so the league does not have to live on my site. Teams are the same, each user can create 1 team and others can request to join or be invited. The team has private messaging, private setup sharing etc and can enter championships.

    Just got to keep my head down and keep coding...
  7. That sounds very cool :)
  8. Metal

    Metal Racer

    I'm thinking of puting online servers for some league racing and other types for AC. If server requirement won't be to extreme, i may even sponzor some (dedicated and serius) leagues on permanent basis.
  9. dbell76

    dbell76 Racer

    I would defently like to start as an Amateur racer in a GT League

    We are re-building up the "Team DNA Motorsport" which we had in Console Times
    We have some Drivers (3 at the Moment) and we will have a small Website
    looking Forward for the MP
  10. GRFOCO

    GRFOCO Alien

    Our team (www.teamGT.it) is already active on iRacing, after past experiences on GTRevo, GTR2 and a little bit on NKPro.
    Many of us are waiting of the ac's multiplayer mode.
    Years ago, we already was paying for a server's rent for the other sims, so, if AC will be able to satisfy our expectations, another server's rent will be very very possible.. for sure.
    Sim-side, AC has already convinced many of us, the iRacing's experience has expanded our knowledge with other team not-Ita, so, participations and creations of nationals/internationals champs depends only from AC's multiplayer...
  11. I'm definitely interested in getting in on the ground floor with amateur teams in AC, that'll be my biggest motivation for playing.
  12. Voodoo

    Voodoo Gamer

    So. Now that MP is probably closing. Anyone interrested in starting a team? I am no pro, but I am getting decent and quite consistent laptimes. Still lots of rom for improvments though.

  13. TCLF

    TCLF Alien

  14. I'd definitely like to start one, if you're interested I'm with a tight group of people that have a Teamspeak going. PM me for the info, or I can plug my group more :p
  15. subtsub

    subtsub Rookie

    Yeah it's cool that there's interest for teams and pro/am racing - let's hope the multiplayer lives up to expectations. If anyone wants to team up I'd be happy to :)
  16. I would very much love to race on any amateur Rally Cross League.
  17. Voodoo

    Voodoo Gamer

    @TrenchcoatNinja: you're U.S right? That makes it difficult with timezones.

    @TCLF: you recruiting? If so, please feel free to PM me with details. Mainly GT3 driver. Pretty much all about the McLaren. ;-)

    Sent fra min GT-I9295 via Tapatalk
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  18. Yes I am Voodoo, but still, I'll be competing in AC regardless of timezone (I've had to deal with somewhat awkward times in the short time I've been racing in LFS as well).
  19. Snarffu

    Snarffu Racer

    Found that video extremely entertaining. Can anybody link me to more of these kind of vids. (Commentary + Full races)
  20. Voodoo

    Voodoo Gamer

    Check out empty box on youtube.

    Sent fra min GT-I9295 via Tapatalk
  21. I second that, got one of his videos open in another tab right now :D

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