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Pro League Racing - Registration Open

Discussion in 'ACC Online Leagues / Championships room' started by C5WNE, Feb 23, 2021.

  1. C5WNE

    C5WNE Rookie


    Registration is now open for our new Assetto Corsa Competizione Series

    The series have been split into 2 tiers -

    Tier 1 - Pro / Silver Class

    Tier 2 - Silver / AM Class

    All our PC leagues are managed & hosted on the SimRacing.GP platform.

    If your already a member of SGP (Sim Racing GP) you can join the PLR community here: https://beta.simracing.gp/communities/u5Y5_KM6Ymppl1bwfXn-v and register for the series.

    If you don't have an SGP account, you will need an invitation from myself.

    Intercontinental Tour - Starts Sunday 7th March - 19:45 GMT
    (only vehicle used IRL series are permitted)

    Practice (15) - Qualifying (15) - Race (60)

    Tier 1: https://beta.simracing.gp/championships/HJLi6vGZO-wbjTLFGvkXk#registration

    Tier 2: https://beta.simracing.gp/championships/uAx5qojjsmYZxyIuoib3l#registration

    Tour of Europe - Starts Monday 8th March - 19:30 GMT
    (GT3 & GT4 Multiclass)

    Practice (15) - Qualifying (30) - Race (Check events)

    Qualifying has been extended to 30 mins - GT4 1st (15) - GT3 2nd (15)

    Tier 1: https://beta.simracing.gp/championships/QqsFxRNVfPaMdbkqEUihc#registration

    Tier 2: https://beta.simracing.gp/championships/ooGjQm_-UAhnVavRDLEo3#registration

    *The Discord 'BOT' should auto assign your role upon registration - if this doesn't happen please send me a DM.**

    For more information how to join please join our Discord

    Website: xboxproleagueracing.online
    You can also follow us on Twitter
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2021

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  3. Jura 2

    Jura 2 Rookie

    Please post valid Discord invite
  4. C5WNE

    C5WNE Rookie

    All done

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