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Problem with clutch

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by fred minter, Feb 22, 2020.

  1. fred minter

    fred minter Rookie

    For some reason I have lost clutch function in some cars but not others, while ALL worked before. To fix I have deleted config info and rebooted, deleted config info and complete install, reinstalled to a different drive, reset to default, reset to keyboard and then reset/ reinstalled the Fanatec CSR pedals and wheel base. In setup all show to be working fine but when I try to run the Evo I have no clutch function, yet most of the others I try work fine. I figured the Evos info had somehow gotten corrupted which is what prompted the complete uninstall/reinstall. No joy, still doesn't work. I like the Evo because it is closest I can get to my WRX. (still can't believe that isn't available) Anyone got any clues? FYI I5 2300, 32gb Corsair, MSI gaming mb, EVGA 1080 gtx, Win7 pro 64 bit.Nothing else has gone whack except this.

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