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Production cars become different things by setup

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by sedesa tatasa, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. We can race with production cars.
    But those become different thing by setup.
    For example,MX-5NA and GT86 can not help running oversteer.
    Large negative camber is unnatural.
    I'd like to request server admins fixed setup servers too.

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  3. Andrea Lojelo

    Andrea Lojelo Radiator Springs Racing Team

    Mazda Miata NA
    Camber default: Front 0.18° - Rear -1.01°
    Camber max: Front -1.79° - Rear -2.01°


    Mazda Mx5 NA
    Camber default: Front -0.47° - Rear -1.52°
    Camber max: Front -2.14° - Rear -3.00°


    Mazda Mx5 CUP
    Camber default: Front -3.23° - Rear -2.35°
    Camber max: Front -4.02° - Rear -3.64°


    Here is an example of a the setup used by Luca Sodano, AC Sound Designer, at Vallelunga.

    from the video description:
    As you can see camber used on at Vallelunga by Luca in his car (see car specs above) is even more than the max values allowed in the stock cars, and in line with the default setup of the cup version (definitely more extreme than Luca's car).

    It's normal for those tyres to peak at very high camber values. Clearly on normal roads nobody runs high values of camber to have even tyre wear, but on track it's pretty normal to run pretty much to the max to have more grip available.

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