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Professional network drivers - pnd track days & bridge to gantry

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by Eddie, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. Eddie

    Eddie Rookie


    • [​IMG]

    Professional Network Drivers are glad to invite all friends to:

    Nordschleife Bridge to Gantry - Open Touristenfahrten
    just driving pleasure

    • The Nordschleife time trial PND server is on line , driving a various road car selection.
      It is a classic hot lap competition, looking for last brake line, but also a way to have fun driving a lot of cars from Abarth500 to Shelby Cobra.

      The server will always be opened until an undefined date. Records will always be available on live timing board.

    read more
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  3. JackCY

    JackCY Racer

    Desperately needs more competition.
    Participated for fun.
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  4. Kristaps

    Kristaps Alien

    Can you please turn off that super annoying forced virtual mirror :)
  5. Eddie

    Eddie Rookie

    Sorry, we organize only Bridge to Gantry and Track Days.

  6. Eddie

    Eddie Rookie


    just driving pleasure

    We will be all together driving various class of cars, road or supercars, on tracks always different, without thinking about lap time,
    without competition stress, without being worried about disconnections, but just for driving pleasure.
    As in real track days the events will be an open pit lane session and the drivers will drive the preferred cars available in carset.
    Everyone will be able to drive as he prefers, to test cars, to burn hot laps, to challenge a friend.
    More, as real track day when we drive our car or a rent car, we have to remember that assurance does not work, and everyone pay his
    own damages. It is a good reason to avoid accidents.

    Zandvoort - Carset 1: Sport & Supercar
    Pagani Zonda R - McLaren MP4-12C - Lotus Exige S -Ferrari 458 Italia - Nissan GT-R Nismo - BMW 1M S3 - Alfa Romeo 4C

    Event day: Friday 25th september
    Carset: Sport & Supercar
    Session timetables: 21.00-24.00
    Grip: 100%
    Damages: 50%
    Driving aids: factory
    Tyres: free

    Lap records will be showed in live timing board


    Into the server will be available 21 slots, assigned per car model. Each driver will be able to drive one or more different cars during the session,
    as he prefers. The server access screen shows car list and available slots.

    Server name: "PND Track Day"
    Password: send PM to Eddie
    Driver name: Name Surname, no nickname or similar


    As real track day when we drive our car or a rent car, everybody drive to enjoy himself and in case of accident we have to remember that
    assurance does not work, and everyone pay his own damages. It is a good reason to avoid accidents.
    So, slower drivers could have not to do too much resistance and the fasters could wait the right time to overtake and avoid killer braking,
    without asking others to go off track to have free path.


    For a better events organisation a prebooking is preferred. PND members can join in this topic. The others can join by e-mail addressed to
    eddie.pnd at gmail.com and specifying:
    -object: "PND Track day 8"
    -name and surname
    -reference team, forum or community
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2015

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