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Generic Proper race endings

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Borez, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. Borez

    Borez Gamer

    Proper race endings.

    At present you jump to the pits and then wait until the other cars have finished. It's just a bit of a let down.

    I know it's only a small thing, but it'd make a difference.
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  3. GazCBG

    GazCBG Gamer

    I agree this is needed, also if you still racing there is no notification of time left to finish the race.
  4. cdrikou

    cdrikou Rookie

  5. frederick84

    frederick84 Rookie

    Yeah, totally agree should switch to TV came after chequred flag with the session results on screen.
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  6. Nekrobob

    Nekrobob Hardcore Simmer

    Would be nice to see who has won the Race like in this Plugin Message.Specially in MP Races.
  7. Indeed.
    Better and "proper" race ending has been mentioned by Stefano, and it is WIP. Timeline has not been discussed.
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  8. Borez

    Borez Gamer

    Great stuff.
  9. TheGT500

    TheGT500 Racer

    Yeah, definitely needs some sort of ending. I thought my PS4 had crashed first time I finished a race ! I got dumped into a pit box and had to wait whilst my competitors whizzed past before they too got teleported back to the pits.
    The switch to TV cam view idea would be best where the AI could take control after crossing the line, you get a view of the finishing line, before fading out to the race standings, then you screen fade back to your pit box ?
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  10. Tomcul

    Tomcul Hardcore Simmer

    Cooldown lap and drive back to the pits would be awesome like real life..
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  11. TheGT500

    TheGT500 Racer

    Problem with that would be the time it takes to get back to the pits. Imagine having to wait for the cars to complete a slow lap of Nordschleife !
    I think a 20~30 second TV camera view of the finishing line should be enough to watch the cars cross, maybe overlay the screen with the results as they cross ? Anything is better than what we have now !
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  12. Tomcul

    Tomcul Hardcore Simmer

    They can make it work in real life, the cars all need to be drove around and parked in pit lane.. Personally I wouldn't mind a wait, nords is the most extreme example.. Not expecting this to happen but that's just the way I'd like it. Full control of car all the time just like real life, it really ups the immersion. I have no interest in watching the others cross the line can watch the replay for that..
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  13. TheGT500

    TheGT500 Racer

    Yeah, Nords is the extreme case, but even the shorter tracks have around a two minute lap time at race speed. I can't see the online lobbies standing for around a four minute wait whilst competitors finish, especially if you have any very slow drivers, or idiots who will purposely drive slow, or stop on track !
    Unless there's a countdown timer as the first car passes the line, waiting for everyone to finish could take as long as the race itself !
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  14. Borez

    Borez Gamer

    One thing I noticed is that I can jump out of it if I press option on my G29. But ( and I found this out the hard way twice ) if you don't let the other races finish in the background and then quit out of the screen ( even though it looks like the race has fully ended ) it will not register your progress in career. Slightly infuriating.
  15. Tomcul

    Tomcul Hardcore Simmer

    Don't really play online so...
    I don't see how you'd have to wait as you'd be busy driving your car back to the pits. I'm not looking for a discussion with you I just gave my view on how I'd like it to be personally.
    i don't hold any hope of it happening.

    Many people have many different opinions I personally would like to be in control of the car for the whole time. Drive out of pits, warm up lap before race, line up on grid, race, Cooldown lap and park in pit lane after race..
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  16. boabmatic

    boabmatic Hardcore Simmer

    not too bothered about driving a cool down lap , but something needs to change when the race ends.
    The first time it happened I wasnt sure if the game had crashed or won the race / competed the challenge ?

    its not game stopper for me though as the actual driving is so much fun , just needs some polish around the edges and some control feature added.
    But these things are well known so hopefully just a matter of time before they get fixed.

    Didnt stop me buying the season pass ;)
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  17. ashasha

    ashasha Rookie

    I have mixed feelings because I like the fact that everything is fairly immediate and there aren't loading screens every other second (especially when I have to restart a race), but even though I never spent much time thinking about it with other titles it is actually a bit jarring to go straight from intense, edge of your seat driving to sitting in the pit.
  18. ozzyneil

    ozzyneil Gamer

    Just reinstalled AC after a long break, still no luck with race endings yet, I like a good cool down lap!
  19. TheGT500

    TheGT500 Racer

    If you want proper race endings (including a "be in full control" cool down lap), best get pCARS 2 as it has this !
    Waiting for Kunos to even consider this will be a long time (if ever), seeing as the game is nearly a year and a half down the line on console, yet we still have to keep our lap time records in a notepad !
  20. I wish AC had pit out and pit in options instead of this 'beam me to the pit right after the finish line' non sense
  21. Pageot

    Pageot Rookie

    +1 This is one other small thing I miss in AC. A cooling down lap after the finish flag is much enjoyable, especially online, when you really need to cool down :) It makes it feel closer to real life. GT Legends had this feature, and if you didn't like it, you could press esc to be beamed up to the pit the AC way. Everyone could do as he wanted.

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