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PS4 Controller Settings Tutorial

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Discussions' started by Keith Quinn, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. Keith Quinn

    Keith Quinn Racer

    Good Afternoon racers! First I want to say thanks to Kunos for porting this game to PS4 its not been an easy port and as with Project Cars I was frustrated in the beginning, but thats because I kept trying to play after working all day. Finally last night I sat down and dialed in the PS4 controller and I have to say the game is a joy to play now. I know a fix is coming this month for the controller and T80 wheel which is what I have until I get the T150 coming soon. So I made a video explaining the settings on the controller with direct video of me playing with the DS4 so you can see it can be done on several cars. Let me know if you like the settings again these are mine and may not work for you but this is about as solid as I could get it enjoy. The video is a bit long but had a lot to explain and show..lol

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  3. Kubr0

    Kubr0 Racer

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  4. Keith Quinn

    Keith Quinn Racer

    I just tried your settings they are great the 82 in feedback makes a big difference. The 220 for the gamma I thing that may have to change per car until patch but it feels good at 220 as does 150. Thanks for this made my setting better lol

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